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Alberta’s 50 Most Influential People 2010

The deposits of oil and gas, the fields of cattle and crops and the majestic timber forests are important assets, but it is the people of Alberta who are its most valuable resource

Profiles by Jeff Cummings, Bill Sass, Stephanie Sparks, Max Fawcett & Paul Marck

It's no secret that Alberta's economic future depends heavily on its generous endowment of natural resources. But while the deposits of oil and gas, the fields of cattle and crops and the majestic timber forests are important assets, it is the people of the province who are its most valuable resource. In this, the 14th annual list of the Alberta's 50 Most Influential People, we have collected a sampling of that resource, an impressive collection of entrepreneurs, elected officials, entertainers, environmental gurus, and other esteemed Albertans who have made a difference in leading the push towards prosperity over the past year and into our future.

Check out the Alberta's 50 Most Influential behind-the-scenes photoshoot slide show here.

John & Cheryl Aldred

Peter Amerongen

Dan Balaban

Bob Black

Pat Burgess

Bill Butler

Elizabeth Cannon

Bruce Carson

Ken Chapman

Rod Charko

Susan Cole

Gordon Cove

Richard Davidson

John Day

Trevor Doerksen

David Emerson

Brian Ferguson

Nicholas Gafuik

Steve Allan & Michael Going

Mary E. Hofstetter

Harley Hotchkiss

Gordon Howell

Scott Hutcheson

Darren Aldous & Donald Johnson

Pentti Karkkainen

Bruce Martin

Jack Mintz

Chris Moore

Eric Newell

Zak Pashak

Irene Pfeiffer

Larry Pollock

Jim Prentice

Ken Read

Scott Saxberg

Glen Schmidt

Allan Scott

Jim Shaw

Michelle Sklar

Danielle Smith

Bob Steadward

Ed Stelmach

Kim Sturgess

Scott Thon

Lorne Tyrrell

Don Lowry and Brian Vaasjo

Bob Walker

Bob White

Michael Wilson

Gene Zwozdesky

Calgary Photoshoot   

left to right

Ken Read Downhill Mastermind
Kim Sturgess Lady for the Water
Scott Saxberg Saskatchewan Acquirer
Bruce Carson Collaboration Coordinator
Jim Shaw Quadruple Player

Photography by John Gaucher

Edmonton Photoshoot   

left to right

Gene Zwozdesky Fix-it Expert
Don Lowery Power Broker
Bill Butler Property Master
Michelle Sklar New-Media Maven
Ken Chapman Political Animal
Bob Black Urban Renewalist
Irene Pfeiffer Champion of Doctors

Photography by Bluefish

July 2010 Contents

23 Responses to Alberta’s 50 Most Influential People 2010

  1. Terry Kirstiuk says:

    Congrats Bill!!!I knew you were an influential guy 12 years ago when you hired me!!! Wow has it been that long?!

    Your influence on the industry and the people around you has been amazing.

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  3. Raven Lin says:

    Calgary is a young city with a strategically opportunistic future. With hope, Pashak will be the first of many young leaders willing to take the rains from the stagnant and bleak governance currently dominating Calgary’s council.

  4. Marty Avery says:

    It’s about time Albertans learned about Trevor Doerksen and how he’s making it easy to watch our downloads on any device with MoboVivo!

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  6. James Van Leeuwen says:

    Congratulations to Trevor Doerksen of MoboVivo, who has been ahead of the curve for years.

    By enabling consumers to access and consume media content via the web on their own terms, MoboVivo is driving a new business paradigm in the media industry. Hulu has just flipped… watch everyone else follow suit.

    MoboVivo has finally put the power where it really belongs, in the hands of the consumer.

    Viva MoboVivo!

  7. Micheal Going and the entire Going family have been stalwart in the face of adversity and all Albertans should know of their achievements. From their father Gerry Going a well known cattleman, horseman and auctioneer to Cheryl ( a daughter) who unfortunately passed away before she could claim her glory ( except businesswoman of the year) to Shawn ( a brother) who is an international businessman, I am proud to have been a classmate and grown up in rural Alberta with this family. My glass is full and I toast your achievements proudly.

  8. Joe MccIntyre says:

    Interesting question on Twitter about the selection process ….
    Does not do any research?

  9. Albertan$ says:

    Who is bank-rolling the Vancouver property/hipster hot-spot – festival starter – municipal gov’t wannabe Pashak? Mom? Dad?

  10. Scott Valentine says:

    Trevor gets it and can explain ‘it’ to you. Great vision and passion.

  11. Rob SInclair says:

    Hey Bruce –

    great job!!! Looking forward to seeing the rest of Alberta following your lead.


  12. F. Dover says:

    Irene Pfeiffer:

    Your contributions to health urban and rural are exemplary to Alberta. We are grateful.

  13. Terry & Edwige Pelletier says:

    Congratulations CPSA – you wisely chose a President that will make a significant contribution to Albertans!

    Terry & Edwige Pelletier

  14. Bruce Okabe says:

    I have had the pleasure of knowing Steve Allan for a few years now and work closely with him in his capacity as Chair of the Canadian Tourism Commission.

    There are a lot of great Albertans with a lot of heart and integrity and I count Steve as being among the top few. Well done Steve.

  15. Kim Kerr says:

    Trevor Doerksen is definitely one of Alberta’s top innovators. Congratulations Trevor!! Happy to see your name here.. well deserved. Alberta is fortunate to have you.

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  17. Bev Campbell says:

    Irene Pfeiffer – A special gifted person whom Alberta can be proud of. Great work Irene.

  18. John Guy says:

    Congrats Glen Schmidt,

    Talk about BOSS! First starting off with Deer Creek Energy, now Laricina Energy Ltd. Whats next? ROSS

  19. Congrats Glen Schmidt,

    Talk about BOSS! First starting off with Deer Creek Energy, now Laricina Energy Ltd. Whats next? ROSS