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The Next 10 – 2010

Jul 1, 2010


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5 Responses to The Next 10 – 2010

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  2. Alex Foster says:

    Agreed! Don has been highly influential in ruining any chances we had for good and/or useful public transit, but at least we won’t be intimidated by its overwhelming inhuman scale. Don has pushed for the closure of unique and vital infrastructure and businesses (Muni) in an effort to make us more sustainable. Don supports the concept of a nanny state where we are told where and how to live, green, grow, move.

    If anyone could claim the mantle of Tooker Gomberg V2.0 it would have to be Donny Iveson

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  4. gerard says:

    Alex, unique and vital infrastructure…. for a very small minority only! Time to face the facts – the muni will be history and in the long the run our city will be much better for it! (except the above mentioned small minority who obviously have a vested interest in being less than objective on this very old and tiring topic…). Good on Don for showing some vision and good on most of council for doing the same.

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