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Alberta’s 50 Most Influential People 2011

Meet the people who have changed the province, the country and the world you live in

by vpadmin

Profiles by by Max Fawcett, Geoff Morgan and Michael Ganley

Picking the 50 most influential Albertans is surely something of a mug's game. Not only are there 3.7 million people to choose from, but influence can reside in the most unlikely of places. It does not necessarily have to do with the biggest name or the most recent award. It can rest in a name you've never heard before but whose involvement in an organization runs deep. Sometimes the influence a person has is not fully felt until well into the future. And we're all familiar with big names that seem like a sure bet one day but are ultimately assigned a brief footnote in history.

But we weren't going to let the odds against getting it completely right deter us. No, we've done our best to pick 50 people who are deeply involved in their communities and are making a difference for the better. They come from every sphere of human activity: from the arts, business, academia, philanthropy and science. They are men and women, young and old, of every colour and creed. The one thing they have in common is that they are compelling us to follow their lead, to get involved and make a difference. In fact, we're pretty sure these are people who are influential not only today, but will be well into the future.

We hope you enjoy the list.

Ken Bautista

Janice Buckingham

Elizabeth Cannon

Jonathan Christenson

Catherine Cullingham

Patrick Daniel

Jim Davidson

Leo de Bever

Bob Dhillon

Dennis Erker

Simon Farbrother

Theoren Fleury

Dr. Louis Francescutti

Dr. Cy Frank

Paul Frazer

Ibrahim Gedeon

Jean-Michel Gires

Jean Grand-Maître

Bill Gregson

Doug Griffiths

Liz Hannah

Stephen and Laureen Harper

Todd Hirsch

Doug Horner

John Karvellas

Jason Kenney

Chris LaBossiere

Gordon Lambert

Ezra Levant

Don Lowry

Ian MacGregor

Gary Mar

Gordon Maron

Gwyn Morgan

Ted Morton

Naheed Nenshi

Rick Orman

Martin Parnell

George Poitras

Daryl Procinsky

Alison Redford

Bill Rice

Paul Rogalski

Gregg Saretsky

David Schindler

Diane Shannon

Raj Sherman

Michael Sikorsky

Barrie Strafford

Pamela Strand

Dr. Robert Sutherland

Don Thompson

Paul Verhesen

Jason Volk

Keith Wilson

Michael Wilson

Correction: Edmonton's city manager, Simon Farbrother, was selected to be on Alberta Venture's 50 Most Influential list, but his profile was omitted from the print edition of the magazine. It has been posted online. We sincerely regret the error.

The Cover Shot   

left to right

Patrick Daniel - On-Site CEO
Paul Rogalski - Gourmand Medallist
Elizabeth Cannon - Pathfinder
Jim Davidson - Energetic Executive
Chris LaBossiere - Party Animal
Janice Buckingham - Potent Partner

Photography by Colin Way - Get behind the scenes of our 50 Most Influential cover shoot with our exclusive web gallery

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