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Alberta’s 50 Most Influential People 2011

Meet the people who have changed the province, the country and the world you live in

by vpadmin

Education and Academia    

Catherine Cullingham

Beetle Blocker

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The mountain pine beetle has a new enemy, and her name is Catherine Cullingham. The University of Alberta post-doctoral fellow hasn’t been able to stop the spread of the nasty insect, which has ravaged pine trees across Alberta and British Columbia, but she has been able to demonstrate that in just a few short years the beetle has jumped from lodgepole pine to jack pine trees. The implications of her work are clear: the pine beetle, which was previously thought to be largely hemmed into Western Canada by the limited supply of lodgepole pines in the East, now has the potential to spread all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. Cullingham raised the alarm with Alberta Sustainable Resource Development and the Canadian Forest Service, which will use the study to manage the infestation.

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