October 2011

The Briefing

Alberta's Small But Thriving Agricultural Elk Velvet Industry

Learn more about the business of harvesting this in demand product >


Czech Mate: The Story of The Sports Corporation

Meet Gerry Johannson, Steven Kotlowitz and Ritch Winter - Edmonton-based NHL agents and recruiters >


Sigit Group's Long-Term Plans Lie In Cloud Computing

Calgary based company uses iPads and iPhones instead of PCs >



Marketing Intel: The Story That Sells

A good story can be a company’s best asset >


Return on Investment: Fun Raising

The key to bringing in big dollars is throwing the best party in town  >


Risk Management: Taking it to the Playground

Do coddled children turn into excessively risk-averse adults? >


Tech Essentials: RIM’s latest offerings

With a new release of products, Canadian tech giant Research in Motion tries to recapture its place at the top of the mobile market. But is it too little, too late? >


The Smart Investor: Play Money

Why this beaten-down toy manufacturer might be good for a spin  >



Bernard Callebaut: the Trials and Tribulations of the Calgary-Based Chocolatier

What happens after Alberta's most well known chocolate maker loses control of his business? >


Natural Disaster: Why The Natural Gas Industry Is Still Kicking

Arctic gas, Duvernay shale, tight reservoirs - There are reasons for optimism  >


The Business Case For Public Transit

Investments in buses and light rail are good for commuters and the environment. They might be even better for business  >


Guide to Small Business

Beer Money: The Story of Startup Drinks

How a monthly meeting of high-tech entrepreneurs is supporting the startup community in Alberta >


From Farmer's Market Stall to Storefront

Find out how two Alberta small businesses made the transition >


The Queen of Torts

What's in a name? For Linda Kearney, right now it's nothing but trouble  >


The Secrets to small business success

Face it: running a small business isn’t easy. But we’re here to help. Presenting the definitive guide for small businesses  >


Industry Report - Information and Communications Technology

Appy Days: Alberta's Mobile App Development Community Has Exploded

Learn about the exciting world of developing apps for the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android >


Can RIM Be Third In The Mobile Market

Google and Apple are well-established as the top two players in the global mobile market. Is there room for RIM and other players? >


I Love Alberta Apps

Our province’s most popular iPhone applications  >


iPhone 4S Reaction and Roundup

Disappoints analysts but the incremental improvements will please Apple's fans >


Lethbridge 2.0

Alberta’s fourth-largest city wants to put itself on the high-tech map >


Meet the Companies Bringing Internet Connectivity to the Most Remote Outposts of Canadian Industry

It isn't easy being connected in the muskeg >


The Secrets To Writing Your Business Plan

It isn’t easy but we’re here to help. Presenting the definitive guide for small businesses  >


Vital Statistics: Information and communications technology

Industry Report >


Who Budding Entrepreneurs Should Be Following

A Twitter list featuring a who's who in the startup tech world  >


Your Blackberry Works, Now What

Is this the end of RIM? >


Final Acts

Executive Speak: A Conversation with the CEO of Upside Software

Forget the athletes and the astronauts. It’s time for kids to admire entrepreneurs like Ashif Mawji >


Inside/Out: Local Colour

Montgomery Legion Place >


Legal Eagles: Trust No One

Fraud is a risk you’d rather not think about. Here’s why you have to >


Next Up: A Profile of Zahra Al-Harazi of Foundry Communications

The leader of this Calgary based design and marketing firm loves a challenge >