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Telecommunications Industry Snapshot

Everything you need to know in mobile, cable and other telecommunications news

Nov 3, 2011

by Duncan Kinney

+ It’s been a bad year for RIM. How bad? Check out this Globe and Mail timeline detailing the events which derailed Research In Motion, from weak earnings reports to the outage which crippled their service across the world.

+ Interested in the Siri app which is shipping with the new iPhone 4S? Miffed that it’s not fully functional in Canada? Check out this video detailing just how severely the Siri service is crippled in Canada

+ In even more bad news for RIM shares are trading below book value for the first time since 2004.  Book value comprises a company’s assets including cash, inventories, real estate and intellectual property minus its liabilities.

+ Curious about Internet Protocol TV? Here’s a primer.


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