May 2012

The Briefing

Calgary-based Redfall Technologies takes aim at PayPal's market

Against the Odds: Small Fish, Big Pond >


Meet the players in the showdown between Canadian Pacific and activist investor Bill Ackman

Off the rails: Sphere of Influence >



Could an Albertan community replicate Hershey or Solomeo?

In Praise of Company Towns >


Easyhome Ltd. is a good bet to succeed

Profit has started to explode at this small-cap financial stock >



Is Alberta doing enough to keep temporary foreign workers here?

Alberta’s economy depends on temporary foreign workers: so why are we making it so hard for them to stay? >


Quebec turns to Alberta for guidance in developing a massive tract of resource-rich land in its north

What can Quebec learn from Alberta’s experience, and what might it mean for this province’s future? >


Guide to Executive Education

Western Canada’s Business School Directory 2012

Check out the Executive Education Guide and get details on business education from Athabasca to Vancouver and from one year diplomas to PhDs. >


Who needs the Ivy League? Five companies in Alberta have developed their own in-house academies

Find out how and why your company might want to do something similar >


Alberta's Best Workplaces

6 Great Ideas from Alberta's Best Workplaces

Some nuggets of wisdom from the 2012 Alberta's Best Workplaces  >


Best Workplaces 2012: Best Workplace 101 to 750 Employees

Rogers Insurance >


Best Workplaces 2012: Best Workplace for Benefits



Best Workplaces 2012: Best Workplace for Diversity



Best Workplaces 2012: Best Workplace for Health and Safety

Terracon Geotechnique >


Best Workplaces 2012: Best Workplace for Millennials

Incite >


Best Workplaces 2012: Best Workplace for Perks and Incentives

Crescent Point Energy >


Best Workplaces 2012: Best Workplace for the Environmentally Conscious

Manasc Isaac >


Best Workplaces 2012: Best Workplace for Training and Development

DynaLife DX >


Best Workplaces 2012: Best Workplace for Volunteerism and Community Involvement

Syncrude Canada >


Best Workplaces 2012: Best Workplace for Working Parents

Fekete Associates >


Best Workplaces 2012: Best Workplace More than 750 Employees

Epcor >


Best Workplaces 2012: Best Workplace Under 100 Employees

Devfacto >


Map: Alberta's Best Workplaces

Take a cartographic tour of the best places to work in Alberta  >


Pooch Cam: Rogers Insurance

Strap a camera to a dog for a photoshoot and stand back >


The Finalists: Alberta's Best Workplaces 2012

Meet Alberta's best workplaces and find out what they're doing right >


Focus On Aboriginal Business

After two awards and plenty of positive reviews, can the aboriginal drama Blackstone crack the big time?

Despite the accolades, the Edmonton-based show has struggled to find a mainstream audience >


First Nations need the ability to raise money, but will aboriginals buy into new taxes?

History and firmly entrenched ideas are blocking access to capital markets >


Two aboriginal conglomerates are taking care of business – their way

From the Ground Up >


Final Acts

A four-part environmental action plan for Canada

The final word on sustainable economy >


Fundraisers for Aspen Springs Lake Resort facing allegations they misled investors

Investors out $1.3 million for Sundre development that never was >


How to socialize with colleagues without shooting yourself in the foot

Lifestyle Essentials: Cocktail Confessional >


This Way Forward: Alberta buys into Bullfrog Power’s green energy

Alberta has a reputation as an oil-friendly province. So why did an Ontario green energy retailer choose the province as its first new market? >


Three Edmonton entrepreneurs go head-to-head against Subway

Taking a bite out of the biggest franchise in the world >


When it comes to doing business abroad, it pays to plan ahead

International Affairs >