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Median household income
$12.00 - 18.00
Average lease rate per square foot (office)
Cost of Serviced Industrial Land
Effective business property tax rate

In the past 10 years, the population of High River has grown by 27 per cent, a trend that's likely to continue. The town recently annexed 1,707 acres of land, making it ideal for growing businesses – especially those in the business of growing crops or the size of their cattle herd. The community, located along the Highwood River, also has a strong water licensing program and plentiful water resources.

Farming isn't the only agricultural pursuit in High River. About 15 per cent of its population works at the Cargill Meats beef processing facility – the largest employer in town, with 2,000 employees – which processes around 4,500 head of cattle per day. And there are other players in town: Western Feedlots employs 140 people, Viterra has an agricultural retail location in town and DSM Nutritional Products has one of its premix plants there, producing dry vitamin mixtures for animal feed. With new land and new farms, there's more room for expansion in the town's agricultural services sector.

Population 12,930
Population growth, 2001–2010 (%) 27
Average lease rate, Office ($/square foot) 12
Cost of serviced industrial land ($/acre) $350,000
Household income ($) 41,078
Average home price ($)
Effective property tax for business (mill rate) 0.48
Wait time for development permits (days) 40
Largest employer
(with number of employees)
Cargill Meats (2,000)
Major projects under construction
(with budget if available)
Calgary Co-op Shopping Centre
Unemployment Rate 6.5
Average Age
Percentage of the people over 65 15

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