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Median household income
Average lease rate per square foot (office)
Cost of Serviced Industrial Land
Effective business property tax rate

In March 2011, the federal government invested $583,000 in new equipment at the University of Saskatchewan Canadian Feed Research Centre, a move intended to further position Saskatchewan, and North Battleford, as a leader in agricultural research.

North Battleford's industry already puts the town at the forefront of agricultural research. The town's third-largest employer is Maple Leaf Consumer Foods, which operates the only bacon-processing plant in Western Canada and has 350 employees. That's not the only agricultural business flourishing in North Battleford. A new $5-million JayDee Agtech Farm Implements dealership is under construction, and Cargill Ltd. and other major grain-handling companies, including the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool, operate inland terminals to support local industry.

North Battleford also hosts one of Saskatchewan's 10regional agriculture offices, where specialists offer advice and support to the livestock and crop industry, in addition to the value-added food processing sector. The U of S research centre promises to add to the town's existing expertise.

Population 13,888
Population growth, 2001–2010 (%) 1.43
Average lease rate, Office ($/square foot) n/a
Cost of serviced industrial land ($/acre) $150,000
Household income ($) 40,268
Average home price ($)
Effective property tax for business (mill rate) 1.18
Wait time for development permits (days) 10
Largest employer
(with number of employees)
Living Sky School Division (525)
Major projects under construction
(with budget if available)
North Battleford Energy Center - $750 million
Unemployment Rate 2.3
Average Age
Percentage of the people over 65 14.1

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