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Population Median Houseold
Average lease rate
per square foot (retail)
Average lease rate
per square foot (office)
Effective business
property tax rate
2,041 $70,915 $10 $44,900 1.52%

Being small hasn't stopped the town of Provost from becoming one of the best places for agricultural business. Provost is home to hundreds of local agricultural businesses, mostly cattle ranchers and grain farmers, despite its small population. That's not surprising, considering land comes cheap at only $625 an acre. There's a lot of it, too – the municipal district of Provost covers 893,526 acres, and the average farm size is the largest in the region, at 1,809 acres. Nearly 40 per cent of area farms are over 1,600 acres.

Agricultural businesses have found a strong market for their products, and Provost is home to a large number of service providers, including Andrukow Group, Battle River Implements and UFA. Viterra operates an inland grain terminal just east of the town, adjacent to the Provost Co-operative Seed Cleaning Plant. The abundance of cattle ranchers in the region has made the Provost Livestock Exchange one of the largest cattle markets in the Battle River region, serving both Alberta and parts of western Saskatchewan.

Population 2,041
Population growth, 2001–2010 (%) 0.2
Average lease rate, Office ($/square foot) 10
Cost of serviced industrial land ($/acre) $44,900
Household income ($) 70,915
Average home price ($)
Effective property tax for business (mill rate) 1.52
Wait time for development permits (days) 10
Largest employer
(with number of employees)
n/a (0)
Major projects under construction
(with budget if available)
Crescent Point Place Regional Activity Centre - $12.3 million
Unemployment Rate 4
Average Age
Percentage of the people over 65 15

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