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Best Communities for Business in Western Canada 2012

Discover the best of the West

Jun 20, 2012

by Alberta Venture Staff

What happened to western alienation? The idea that the federal government in Ottawa doesn’t care about Western Canada is effectively dead and gone, if the recent federal budget is any indication. After all, it tied Canada’s economic hopes directly to the country’s three resource-rich provinces in the West.

Alberta Venture expanded the list of Best Communities for Business from 10 to 25 last year in recognition of the New West Partnership Trade Agreement. That agreement intended to create a unified trade zone among all three western provinces, making it easier for Alberta businesses to work in B.C. or Saskatchewan – and vice versa.

Communities across Alberta, B.C. and Saskatchewan are implementing policies to attract new business and develop their economies. Here, we present the winners: the best in the West. Read on to discover what these cities, towns and counties have done to put themselves at the top of the class.

#1 Overall in Alberta for 2012

#1 Overall in Saskatchewan for 2012

#1 Overall in B.C. for 2012

Best Small Community for Business

Best Communities List

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Saskatchewan map

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2011 Best Communities

Best Communities for Small Business

Best Communities for Energy

Best Communities for High Tech

Best Communities for Tourism

Best Communities for Agri-business

Best Communities for Manufacturing and Logistics

Best Communities for Mining and Forestry

Best Communities for Green Business

Communities on the Rise

Top Growth Communities


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