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Jun 1, 2012

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The region’s explosive 98.5 per cent 10-year growth rate seems set to continue. Fuelled by another boom cycle in Alberta’s resource-driven economy, the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo approved 644 new business licences in 2011, up 16 per cent from the year before. Look for the region’s already low 4.3 per cent unemployment rate to drop even further. Read More >

Greater Calgary

Over the last 10 years Calgary has added 186,000 people to its population base, eclipsing Ottawa-Gatineau as the fourth largest city in Canada in the process. But the communities around Calgary have been growing even faster. Airdrie, for instance, grew by 96 per cent in the same time period, while Cochrane’s population increased by 46 per cent. To the south, the population of Okotoks has grown by 52 per cent, to 24,500, and town councillors are considering lifting the population cap of 30,000, first implemented in 1998.

Grande Prairie

Calgary might be the youngest of Canada’s major cities, but it’s got nothing on Grande Prairie. The average age in Grande Prairie is 29, eight years younger than Calgary’s. When you consider those demographics in the context of its 49 per cent population growth rate and its 53 per cent spike in value for commercial development permits, Grande Prairie looks like it’s ready to boom ‚Äì again.


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