July 2012

The Briefing

Carsen Kendel, founder of Night Envy, introduces the Flydora, a flashy fedora

Upstarts: Night Envy, Inc. >


Two of Alberta’s more unusual summer parties: East Coast Garden Party and Pysanka Festival

Festivus for the Rest of Us >


What’s required to set up a mobile restaurant

Meals on Wheels >



How the Brick came back from the brink, and why you might want to join the party

The Brick Bounces Back >


The new must-have gadgets are laptops

Slimmer, sleeker and speedier than ever, laptops regain some cachet >



Mergers and acquisitions are fraught with peril

The Art of the Deal: how do you minimize the risk of a deal gone wrong? >


Why it’s now or maybe never for Canada’s proposed pipeline projects

The Not-So-Great Race >


With the rise of big box competitors, can anything save small-town retailers from being sold to the highest bidder?

Priced to Clear >


Alberta's 50 Most Influential

Alberta's 5 Most Influential People Outside Alberta

Alberta's 5 Most Influential People Outside Alberta from the 2012 50 Most Influential List >


Alberta’s 50 Most Influential People 2012

Meet the people who are changing your world – and find out how they’re doing it >


Presenting the 16th annual list of Alberta’s 50 Most Influential People

Persons of Influence >


The Next 10 - 2012

10 of Alberta's Rising Stars >


Industry Report - Real Estate

4 leaders of Alberta’s real estate development industry dish on working with city hall, the state of the markets, building in Fort McMurray and more

A Constructive Dialogue >


Calgary is about to pass Montreal as the second-largest commercial real estate market in the country

Bigger is better: who's next? >


Four projects that highlight the best in Albertan developments

Real Estate All-Stars: Four housing projects are breaking new ground (in more ways than one) >


Vital Statistics

The pulse and numbers of Alberta real estate >


Focus on Recreational Property

Slideshow: Recreational property in Canada, the United States and Mexico for $500,000

Still craving more recreational property?  >


The dream vacation location can be yours, for a price – and one Sherwood Park company is selling it


When it comes to recreational property, what can you get with $500,000 in 2012?

Shopping Spree: how to spend $500,000 on recreational property in Canada, the U.S. and Mexico >


You want a vacation property, but not the hassle of owning a cabin by the lake

Break Away: three options for a hassle-free getaway >


Final Acts

Forget pens, pencils and erasers. In Edmonton, parents go shopping for schools

Back-to-School Shopping >


Four Edmonton businessmen accused of breaking securities laws

Attention shifts to Alberta's capital >


From punk rock to movie premieres, promoter Harvey Cohen has seen – and done – it all

The Life of the Party >


How Airworks, an Edmonton-based company, reinvented the air compressor

Hot Air Under Pressure >