October 2012

The Briefing

Alberta’s canola farmers play the name game

Sphere of Influence: Prairie Oil  >


Circulation numbers might be tumbling at the Calgary Herald, but Robin Tremblay has found a productive use for the beleaguered newspaper

The Second Life of Newspapers  >


St. Albert’s new MLA, Stephen Khan, has quickly become a focus of attention in Alberta’s legislative assembly

Tall and handsome, he was Premier Alison Redford’s surprise pick as Minister of Enterprise and Advanced Education >


With the right inflection, the term “Hello Pages” can be made to sound a lot like Yellow Pages

But there’s an important distinction to be made between the two >



Finally: a commodity stock that isn’t linked to volatile energy prices

The Smart Investor: Margin of Safety >


What you need to know about tweets, pins and Facebook friends

The business person’s guide to social media – Luddites, be warned: not being online could cost you  >



Canadian Control Works Inc. is being blocked from selling an innovative product

Fortis Alberta refused to work with the Edmonton-based company >


In an industry dominated by engineers, Henry van der Sloot strikes a different note

The Prodigy >


Why every Albertan needs to graduate high school

Smarter. Richer. Safer. Better. Alberta can be all of these things. All it needs to do is get every kid in the province through high school >


Guide to Small Business

15 things to know before approaching a venture capitalist

Not all venture capitalists are dragons >


Canada has an aboriginal housing crisis. Two brothers from Calgary think they have the answer

Nation Builders >


Edmonton entrepreneur Poul Mark wants to change the way his customers think

And he’s going to charge them more in order to do it  >


Even if you have money you still need qualified people to manage it and to run the company effectively

So how do you find the right people? And how do you make the right management calls, whether it’s about people or the supply chain? >


Family businesses are frequently told to start succession planning early

What happens when everything changes? >


How can you maintain, or better yet, expand your markets

Without a customer, or a market, you have no business >


Meet 20 small businesses that stand out

Vote for the Small Business Superstars >


The Small Business Issue - Coming to a Magazine Rack Near You!

Want a sneak peak at our October issue? Check out our video trailer!  >


You need cash flow to run your business and this often means accessing financing

So what’s the best way to keep your dollars flowing? >


Industry Report - Software Development

Alberta’s developers are doing business in some unexpected places

Think software development only happens in the big city? Think again >


Big data presents bigger opportunities for the province’s software developers

How data analysis is shaping Alberta’s software development industry  >


Five industries where Alberta’s software developers are making their mark

What Alberta's software development sector lacks in size it makes up for in stature >


Final Acts

David Helm is bringing the craft beer experience to Edmonton

Taster’s Choice  >


Pure Global Imports has built a business out of keeping Alberta’s bars, clubs and liquour stores well stocked

A Spirited Display >


Robb Price has a fledgling company and he hopes Don Bell, one of the founders of the mega-successful WestJet, can help him get it off the ground

Charitable Behaviour >


Stock Picking

Please stand by; we're pulling data from Yahoo finance ... >


Two generations before the Bow building redefined Calgary’s skyline, Jacob Bell Barron was making his mark on the city

How Calgary’s first skyscraper ended up changing the province  >


Why buying into a franchise isn’t as easy as it might look

What you don’t know about your franchising contract could cost you >