November 2012

The Briefing

Mob Mentality

The Innovators >


René Thibault takes the helm of building-materials giant Lafarge in Western Canada

Verbatim: Building Blocks >


The Fullers come full circle at Earls Tin Palace

Sphere of Infuence: Family Style Dining >



How to outfit your office in style

Lifestyle Essentials: Art Class >



Encana is planning for natural gas-fuelled cars

But will that revolution happen in time to save the company that’s behind it? >


From energy to education, Alberta is already leading the world

Meet the 25 organizations making that happen >


International experience helped Helen Wesley climb the corporate ladder

Now she’s been recognized with the Haskayne 2012 Management Alumni Excellence (MAX) award >


Joey Hundert is not your average entrepreneur

And he wouldn’t have it any other way >


Zak Pashak opened a bar, started a music festival and ran for city council in Calgary.

So what’s he doing building bikes in Detroit? >


The Innovation Issue

A Brief History of Albertan Innovations

Inspired by the land, the climate, a strong sense of justice and plain old curiosity, Albertans have been turning the world on its ear for almost a century  >


Former Research In Motion executive Ray DePaul on why innovation is crucial to long-term success

A cautionary tale of hubris and the stages of failure >


Grande Prairie has Alberta’s largest number of filed patents

Secrets of success for the province’s seventh largest city  >


How an event that thrives on innovative ideas might be killing them

What's wrong with TED? >


Outside investment is turning Alberta’s high-tech sector into a going concern

Three of Alberta's high-tech Best Buys >


What you can learn from the world’s most innovative company

Four very successful Google innovations explained >


Where is Alberta Innovates today, and where is it trying to take the province tomorrow?

The publicly-funded investment group was created almost three years ago >


Why innovation ought to be more than a buzzword

What does innovation really mean and why is it so critical for Albertan companies? >


Final Acts

Breanne Everett takes the notion of an overachiever to a whole new level

Next Up: Triple Threat >


How local churches are reinventing themselves to suit the times

This Way Forward: Prayer Service >


Kelso Brennan’s business is growing by leaps and bounds, and that’s part of the problem

Overcoming the Limits to Growth: Lyle Reid has a few ideas >


Ski tour operator Backside acquires an ailing competitor and branches out into summer

A Company for All Seasons >


The debate over the value of protecting an invention

Legal Eagles: Property Rights >