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From energy to education, Alberta is already leading the world

Meet the 25 organizations making that happen

Nov 1, 2012

by Max Fawcett, Michael Ganley, Alix Kemp and Geoffrey Morgan

This past March the sharpest minds in the high-tech industry gathered in San Francisco for the Global Technology Symposium and its highlight event: the Global Innovator Competition. There were 13 companies from around the world competing, each of which had been picked out of a pool of 2,000 companies and vetted by an international panel of judges. Despite fierce competition from Denmark, Russia, Brazil and the U.S., the judges named a little-known Calgary company called eThor as “the most innovative startup in the world.” That’s right, the world.

But eThor, which integrates point-of-sale systems at retail outlets into customers’ smartphones, isn’t alone when it comes to innovation. That’s why Alberta Venture is celebrating 25 Alberta-based innovators that we carefully selected from a list of more than 100 candidates. These are organizations – be they corporations, government entities or not-for-profits – that are changing their industries, the province and the country for the better.


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6 Responses to From energy to education, Alberta is already leading the world

  1. Robb Benson says:

    I alway enjoy reading about the innovation that comes out of Alberta! We tend to revel in silence with our achievements, Kudos’ to Alberta Venture for blowing our success horn a bit. I think they missed one company, Vortex Power and Energy they are an Alberta startup although they’ve been around a few years they invent everything from O&G equipment to Net zero homes recently the attention has been on there bio-battery which could be world and industry changing and as the reports indicate they have had some major players knock on there door from what I read Panasonic has made a generous buyout offer. Keep up the good work Its always nice to see the media from around the world looking at our achievements and praising it instead of condemning Alberta .

    • Kelly says:

      Do you know how much Panasonic offered is there a link?

    • Nancy Blum says:

      Do you have any information on this company? What is the Bio-Battery do you know where they are located? I would also be interested in a link for the Panasonic .

  2. Maggie says:

    Yes I almost like reading about the down home advances as much as my husband does I wonder if you would consider putting in an article more frequently? I agree with the other comment we don’t blow our horns enough until they are sold to other countries and they do all the tootin!

    • Maggie says:

      I was having this discussion a the gym and Mr Benson may have something as there seems to be a lot of interest in that company the word was if you had an idea and wanted to know what to do go see him they called him (Terri) Mr Energy I believe because he works in the oil and gas market although it could be because he is himself full of energy if anyone knows ? Anyway seems like if there is inventions they are at the top of the list.

  3. Robb Benson says:

    Nancy, Kelly I will look for the link although I saw it on Business news network the buyout offer was for 148 million they are an Edmonton based company but from what I heard have an office in lloydminster. The Bio Battery is an organic battery that uses solar to continuously recharge itself.