December 2012

The Briefing

A word on debt from Canadian Western Bank’s new president

Risky Business: Chris Fowler spent the bulk of his career in risk management >


Alberta Venture’s Gifting Guide

From new smartphones to smart looking knives, we’ve created a list that you can to use to shop for the business person in your life – or give to those who are shopping for you >


The Dragon Speaks

Required Reading >



A review of the biggest hits – and misses – of the last two years

The Smart Investor: The Final Countdown >


Why more travellers are trading the hotel for a homestead

Travel Essentials: Reasonable Accommodations >



15 things that made 2012 a year to remember

Alberta's Annual Review >


International oil and gas giants are tripping over themselves to get a piece of the Montney play

Should you join them in the new gold rush? >


The Pat Daniel era ends at Enbridge

Sphere of Influence >


The vagueness of the “net benefit” test for foreign investment in Canada has many business people in an uproar

Is it really worth the concern? >


Why women could save the oil sands

Diversity, done right, isn’t just a buzzword – it’s a strategic asset >


Best Workplaces

Best Workplaces FAQ


Alberta's Business Person of the Year

Business Person of the Year 2012: Gregg Saretsky, WestJet

Gregg Saretsky, is shaking things up at WestJet. That’s a good thing for just about all of us >


Business Person of the Year Behind the Scenes Slide Show

Our annual peek into the camera obscura of our top executive event >


Envisioning a bright future for Alberta

Editor’s Note December 2012: Transformers >


Top 100

Alberta Venture's Business Person of the Year winners since 1997 >


Industry Report - Transportation and Logistics

Alberta needs to make some much-needed investments in its roads, bridges and highways

The never-ending story: so what else is new? >


How Alberta's new logistics hubs bring it all together

Making the Connection >


Why more oil sands companies are choosing to develop air transportation services to access their remote operations

Landing in Leismer >


Final Acts

Care to Share Senior Services capitalizes on Alberta’s aging population

Growing Concern: The Silver Surfers >


Everything I know about life I learned from lawyers

Legal Eagles: The 10 Legal Commandments >


Lita McDonald and Meghan Dear have invested their money to launch a small busines

Now they’re looking for outside help. The big question: Have they protected their idea? >


Sami Hayek takes entrepreneurial risk to a whole new level

Dogged Determination: Entrepreneurs are defined by their willingness to take risks >


We asked three prominent Albertans one question: “What will be the defining issue in Alberta in 2013?”

Into the Crystal Ball: setting aside concerns about trying to predict the future, here’s what they said >