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Apply to be named one of Alberta’s Best Workplaces!

Jan 7, 2013


“Since receiving the good news that we were a finalist, we have already felt an increased collective sense of pride, engagement, gratitude and happiness. Looking ahead, we can envision new doors opening to partnership or funding opportunities, because of the trust or curiosity the award inspires; or attracting new and passionate staff to our organization. The positive impact of this award and experience will be felt and measured in many large and small ways moving forward in time. From everyone at Inside Education, thank you for creating the ripple in the pond!”

Karin Hedetniemi, Inside Education

About the Program

For seven years, Alberta Venture has recognized those Alberta-based companies leading the way in corporate culture and human resource development with the annual Alberta’s Best Workplaces program. A ‘best workplace’ company is one dedicated to building and sustaining a prosperous, forward-thinking organization that values its greatest asset – people. These leading organizations are able to attract and sustain quality employees in this high demand labour market.

Only the best attract the best. Make sure your company comes to mind when people consider their next employer. Submissions for the 2014 Awards are open! Click here to review the form.

Who are Alberta’s Best Workplaces? – A snapshot of last year’s participants


AV_June13_Cover_nobarcode_webthumbBy being a part of the Alberta’s Best Workplaces Awards you’ll:

  • Be featured in our June issue, reaching 200,000+ business readers in print and online.
  • Gain widespread profile as an employer of choice and attract the best labour talent.
  • Receive FREE job postings for 6 months on ($2346 value). Each of your job posts will be marked with the “Best Workplaces” logo identifying you as a workplace of choice for prospects.
  • Be honoured at an exclusive awards dinner in May.
  • Incorporate Alberta’s Best Workplaces brand onto your promotional material, a highly effective marketing tool.

Alberta’s Best Workplaces submission forms will be assessed by a team of Alberta Venture editors, HRIA members and human resource executives. All decisions of the selection panel are final.

To be eligible, companies must complete all parts of the application form and meet the following criteria:

  • Companies must have operations in Alberta.
  • Companies must have more than five employees.
  • IMPORTANT: Applicants will be considered in a maximum of two categories. We ask that applicants indicate their first and second preferences. If they are not a finalist in the category of their first preference, they may, at the discretion of the judging panel, be considered for their second choice.
  • All applicants will be considered for the three Overall Best Workplace awards according to the number of employees.
  • In addition to this submission form, you may submit a maximum of seven pages of additional material.
  • If you wish, you may also submit as many as three letters of support from employees.


  • February 28, 2014 – Final Submission Deadline
  • Finalists will be announced and contacted in March 2014. Award winners will be revealed at the awards dinner held in Edmonton in May and will appear in the June issue of Alberta Venture.


  • June 2, 2014 – Alberta’s Best Workplaces issue of Alberta Venture will be published in print and online.

Conference + Awards Dinner

  • May 2014 – A half-day conference will be held in Edmonton in May 2014 and will consist of a keynote speaker, information sessions, a ‘Conversation Café’ and a panel discussion with representatives from the 2013 Best Workplaces Award winners. Attendees will learn how to create a unique corporate culture and how to be a leader in employee development. Following the conference, we’ll celebrate the success of Alberta’s top employers and announce the award winners.

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