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BeauCoo launches their app, gears up for more releases

The Calgary-based startup has been a media darling since its launch

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Jan 16, 2013

by Alix Kemp

banner_blueWhen we last spoke to BeauCoo, the Calgary-based startup was preparing to launch their iPhone app. The app, which connects women with others who have similar measurements so they can compare clothes and talk about fashion, is now available in the Apple App Store. Christian Maclean says the company is pleased by the reception it’s received. “We’ve had a lot of media coverage over our launch, which has been great,” he says.

Bugs and complaints have been minimal – the only major initial feedback was that users were only able to share from within a store, but wanted to be able to post photos at home from online retailers. That feature has since been added. Maclean says he’s not sure how many users the app has so far, but that it’s been a bit overwhelming. “I was getting an email every time someone signs up, which seemed like a good idea at the time, but holy smokes! I got a lot of emails, and was missing [other] messages.”

Next on the agenda are launching a web-based version of the app and getting an Android version out the door. The web version is slated for release in the “next several weeks,” says Maclean, with the Android version coming later.

The startup is also working on building relationships with potential clients and partners to enrich the reward system in the app. When users post photos or share comments, they become eligible for rewards, such as offers from or coupons from other online retailers. “Building that relationship really early on is something that’s served us really well in the past, so anytime somebody has interest, or we see someone who’s doing research in the space, or is signed up from a brand that we know has a strong e-Commerce platform, we reach out to them and introduce ourselves,” says Maclean.

One Response to BeauCoo launches their app, gears up for more releases

  1. As a small clarification – we know exactly how many users we have (though not when we had talked), but it’s not typically a number we’d share publicly.

    Also 1.1 has be released and we’ve incorporated the feedback on sharing from home!