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What does a billion dollars look like? How much would you pay for a conversation with Mark Zuckerberg? Plus other burning questions.

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Jan 21, 2013

by Jim Kerr

Now that we’re almost a month into 2013, I have to ask: How are those New Year’s resolutions holding up?

If yours featured skyrocketing business aspirations, you should really take a peek at this Bloomberg slideshow of what a billion dollars looked like in 2012.

With those lofty goals in mind, have you thought about trying to incorporate “mobile commerce” into your business model? According to Mashable, “mcommerce,” or shopping on your smartphone, is on pace to hit $31-billion stateside in the next five years.

Tech Life recently looked at Facebook’s attempt to revolutionize its “search” function, but how about this for revolutionary: For $100, regular citizens of Facebook can message the master, CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Would you pay for direct online access to the head of a large company?

From social media to search engines – Google chief executive Larry Page talked to Wired magazine about how his company does business, adding that Facebook is “doing a bad job” and Apple’s ambition is “unsatisfying.”

Did you hear the one about the guy who secretly outsourced his job to China for a fraction of his six-figure salary? That’s not the setup to a joke – it really happened!

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