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Swag 101

In 2012, digital marketing consultant Dana DiTomaso started a new firm called Kick Point, hired some employees and set out to change the way her clients and their brands interacted with digital media

Jan 28, 2013

by Alberta Venture Staff

But first, she needed to get their attention. The solution? An Advertising Club of Edmonton event, some mini cupcakes and 70 pairs of plastic handcuffs.

Kick Point sponsored the event, and the handcuffs were part of its effort to create visibility for the company. And while DiTomaso thought about bringing more conventional swag to the proverbial table – a postcard and some mints, perhaps, or a jar of lip balm – she decided Kick Point needed to find something that would speak to the company’s belief that, as DiTomaso says, “lazy marketing is a crime.”

The handcuffs, which had that catchphrase printed to them, were an unqualified hit.

Why did it work so well? DiTomaso says while it was important to match the gift with the company’s identity and the message it wanted to communicate, the fun factor was what really made it click with people. “They don’t want another slightly useful thing,” she says. “They want something amusing that they’re going to hang on to.”

Keys to Swag Success



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