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Alberta’s Best Workplaces 2013

There are many reasons to want a great workplace, and profit is one of them

Jun 1, 2013

The most common rationale for treating employees well, particularly here in Alberta, is that with labour in short supply employers have to do everything they can to attract and retain talent. But there’s another good reason: a happy workplace makes more money. Need proof? Just take the Parnassus Workplace Fund, an American mutual fund that invests exclusively in firms with outstanding workplace culture. In the eight years since its founding, it has delivered an annualized return of 9.63 per cent, compared to 5.58 per cent for the S&P 500 Index over the same period.

“I think what happens when you have a contented workplace, people are willing to put out more effort to improve operations during really difficult times,” said Parnassus founder Jerome Dodson. “And, of course, this consistently more engaged performance inevitably reveals itself in the firm’s bottom line.”

But how do you build a great workplace? There are no simple answers, no magic bullet. But there are great examples and there is useful advice. Here, in Alberta Venture’s sixth annual Alberta’s Best Workplaces, we bring you tips from the experts and profiles of 37 companies that are doing it right. They are the winners and finalists for this year’s awards, and we think their stories might just provide you with the solution to the puzzle.

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Alberta’s Best Workplaces is presented by the Certified Human Resources Professionals, Davies Park and this magazine, and is sponsored by Alberta Blue Cross, Careers The Next Generation, Contemporary Office Interiors, Hay Group, Kudos and Sandler Training.

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Best Overall Workplace
(750 Plus employees)

Winner: Canadian Western Bank
Finalists: Alberta Blue Cross, Capital Power, PCL

Best Workplace
(101 to 750 employees)

Winner: City of Grande Prairie
Finalists: BrandAlliance, Entrec, Vermilion Energy

Best Workplace
(Under 100 employees)

Winner: Fully Managed
Finalists: C-FER Technologies, Orbis Engineering Field Services, Travel Alberta

Best Workplace for
Benefits, Perks and Incentives

Winner: Pandell
Finalists: Daytona Homes
Master Builder, Ernst & Young, Rogers Insurance

Best Workplace for

Winner: Incite Marketing
Finalists: Alberta Blue Cross, C-FER Technologies, Fully Managed

Best Workplace for the
Environmentally Conscious

Winner: Klohn Crippen Berger
Finalists: Landmark Group of Builders, Newalta, Read Jones Christoffersen

Best Workplace for
Training and Development

Winner: SAIT Polytechnic
Finalists: Epcor Utilities, Nexen, Lakeland Centre for FASD, Williams
Engineering Canada

Best Workplace for
Volunteerism and Community Involvement

Winner: Vermilion Energy
Finalists: Alliance Pipeline, Capital Power, Lakeland Credit Union

Best Workplace for

Winner: Syncrude
Finalists: Champions
Career Centre, Groundswell Group, KPMG LLP

Best Workplace for
Health and Safety

Winners: PCL Construction Management and Orbis Engineering Field Services
Finalists: City of Grande Prairie, Dynalife DX, IMV Projects

Best Workplace for
Working Parents

Winner: Inside Education
Finalists: King’s University College, Nurse Next Door, Teamwork Training

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