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Alberta’s 25 Most Innovative Organizations (2013)

These companies are setting the standard for innovation

Aug 6, 2013

by Alexandria Eldridge, Max Fawcett, Michael Ganley, Alix Kemp and Tim Querengesser

The game forever hence is innovation. Read more

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There’s just no way around it – the countries and companies that disrupt and transform the ways we make and do things are those that will succeed. Canada and Alberta are by default part of this new world. But the question is whether we have embraced the reality that innovative advancements should no longer be measured locally or nationally, but internationally. According to a recent study by Deloitte Canada, the answer still appears to lean towards no. Among other things, the study added fuel to the still unsettled debate about Canadian productivity. Deloitte’s study found that workers in Canada produce $13 less per hour in output than their U.S. rivals, and $29 less than Norwegian workers.

A central culprit behind this, aside from several macro- and microeconomic caveats, is innovation – or a lack of it. According to the Deloitte study, for instance, research and development in the Canadian private sector stands at just one per cent of GDP, while in the U.S. the figure is double that.

But it’s not all negative. For one thing, Canada has Alberta, where thanks to a treasure trove of natural resources that the world wants and needs, new ideas are developing at a faster pace than anywhere else in the country. To be innovative here, then, is to be doing something really big. Here are our top 25 companies on this year’s survey of top innovators in Alberta, and why they’re on the list.


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