September 2013

The Briefing

Happy Hour: Brewing a Revolution

For Edmonton beer lovers, 2013 has been a very good year – and they have two Calgary companies to thank for that >


Out of this World

Alberta's air space is a busy place >


The Externship

What best fits your needs: an externship, an unpaid internship or voluntourism? >


The Growing Grocer

Alberta’s independent small-town grocery chain talks about securing a beachhead in Edmonton’s ‘burbs >


The Help Desk: Are mobile-friendly websites worth it?

Welcome to the Help Desk, Alberta Venture’s workplace advice column. Every month, we tackle a business question from a reader by getting advice from experts. Whether you’re trying to find the right employee, hook your business up with the latest technology or tweak your marketing strategy, we’re here to lend a hand.  >



New Deans for the U of A's Faculty of Business, SAIT's MacPhail School of Energy


The Leader of the pack

Getting your employees to innovate is not about them – it’s about you >



Alberta Venture’s Guide to Disaster Planning

The June flood caught plenty of people in Calgary unprepared. Here’s how you can protect your business from the next disaster  >


The Real Bitumen Bubble

Is Canada’s energy sector dangerously overvalued? That’s what some people are saying – and they might be right >


The Rise of the Really Creative Class

How Edmonton’s favourite craft fair has made it easier for local merchants to make a living  >


Under Construction: Why Alberta's exempt market needs work

The province’s exempt market has been cleaned up considerably of late, but one of its insiders thinks there’s still more work to be done  >


Fast Growth 50

Danatec Educational Services passes the test – and then some

The company has found a way to make chemical safety training fun >


Venture 250

A League of Our Own

Who’s up, who’s down and who’s never coming back to this year’s Venture 250 >


About Face

Surge Energy shares soared when Paul Colborne took over as CEO. For once, the market got it right  >


Capital Gains

Why Alberta’s human resources are its most valuable asset >


Land Lord: Calgary's Mainstreet Equity gambles on Edmonton

How a Calgary real estate company plans to take over downtown Edmonton  >


Largest Employers 2013

The 100 biggest payrolls >


Meet Daryl Katz

Inside the world of Edmonton’s most reclusive – and divisive – citizen >


Not-For-Profit list 2013

The biggest board-run organizations >


Oh, The Places They Go

Alberta’s energy sector is involved in some of the world’s riskiest – and most rewarding – locations >


People, Power

A snapshot of Alberta’s store of human capital >


The Bold and the Bountiful

The year in deals in Alberta >


The Differential Divide

Oil prices have been all over the place of late, but there are a few companies that have been able to benefit from the spreads >


The Director's Cut

Meet the individuals steering the ship at two of our Venture 250 companies >


The Non-Profit Motive

Find out how Alberta’s arts organizations, educational institutions and other not-for-profits are generating billions in GDP and thousands of jobs >


The Rise and Fall of Western Corporations

Meet the companies that are on the move, for better and for worse, in this year’s Venture 250 >


The Venture 250

These are the 250 highest grossing companies in Alberta for 2012 >


Venture 250 2013

Where Human Capital Counts >


Venture 250 2013 Performers


Industry Report - Fashion & Retail

How to put together a wardrobe using only Alberta-made clothing

Get that "homegrown" look by checking out these items >


Sewing the Seeds: Why Alberta’s fashion scene is going digital

Moving online eliminates some challenges associated with running a physical retail space >


Supply Change: Factory collapse puts outsourcing of labour into the spotlight

The collapse in Bangladesh awakened consumers to the realities of low-cost fashion >


Final Acts

Is peak oil a thing of the past?

Technologies like fracking may have merely postponed peak oil >


Lunch With: ARC Financial co-founder sits down with young interior designer

Mac Van Wielingen shares wisdom on making tough decisions with Amanda Hamilton >


Next Up: CEO of Daroil Energy on running the family business

Ranny Shibley used to have a hard time getting people to take him seriously. That’s not a problem anymore >


On the Money: Why Alberta Oil Sands shouldn't be trading at its cash value

Is the company being mispriced? >