October 2013

The Briefing

Hip to be Square

The latest trend in mobile payment technology >


Scared Straight: Halloween at the office

A list of costumes that won’t get you fired at your office Halloween party >


Sphere of Influence: Ballot Business

Turnout Trouble >


The Help Desk: Making sure contractors don't pass on company strategies

Every month, we tackle a question from a reader and get advice from the right experts in a variety of fields to help answer it >



Banff hosts RemTech, CWC Well Services lands new CFO, Champion Bear Resources names CEO


How to ensure your succession plan succeeds

Planning for the handover of your company is hard, emotionally fraught and absolutely necessary >



Inventors seeking Investors

Alberta’s universities do lots of great research, but who’s doing the “development” part of the R&D equation? >


Screamin Brothers: The Dreamer and the CEO

Two very young entrepreneurs hope to change the world with their frozen coconut-milk desserts >


The Cold Lake Advantage

One Alberta First Nation is giving new meaning to the notion of entrepreneurial spirit >


business conditions survey

Business Owners! Take Alberta Venture's Business Conditions Survey

We want to know what business owners think about Alberta, their prospects for growth, and business conditions in Canada. Can you help? >


Next Step

All in the Family: The Challenges of Succession

Rick Woods has spent years building Jori International. Now he wants to pass it to his 20-something son >


An Introduction to the Next Step

Alberta Venture and ATB Business identify four companies looking to take the next step  >


Follow the Next Step companies

Once a month, we'll round up all the top small business news and information >


Four steps to creating value, growing your business and planning for the future

"Growth is like Mother Nature – she can be very, very good, and she can be very, very destructive. Respect her.” >


How to stop stifling growth and reach the next level

Growing Pains: Being the leader of a growing company isn’t always easy >


Introducing the Next Step Advisors

The Advisors will be helping the Next Step companies as they encounter issues and challenges on their path to growth >


Nearctic wants you to ditch sprawl for infill

Nearctic wants to find a way to convince Edmontonians to ditch sprawl and embrace innovative infill housing >


Oil Country Engineering tries to find its voice

Oil Country Engineering CEO Dennis Cuku wants help launching a communications and PR plan >


The Backseat Advisors

Do you have some advice? for the Next Step companies? Tell them here >


Watch It aims to be Canada's best

Darren Bondar dreams of becoming Canada’s largest watch retailer. With seasonal cash flow and stiff competition, can it be done? >


Your Journey Starts With a Map

How to set goals that will see your company rise to the next level >


Industry Report: Clean Tech

Biofuels: Garbage to Gold

Are biofuels making a comeback in Alberta? >


Industry Report: Clean Technology

Clean Technology >


Focus on Franchising

Franchise Land

Alberta’s booming economy has made the province a promised land for franchises  >


Is buying a franchise the opportunity of a lifetime, or the worst mistake you’ll ever make?

Buyer Beware >


Final Acts

Lunch With: Hudsons Canadian Tap House’s John Radostits on challenging the family business

How tough is it to leave your parents’ business and launch a competitor? >


Next Up: Radical Energy CEO Ryan Dick never gave up on the dream of solar energy, and now it’s paying off – in Ecuador

Meet Alberta’s up-and-coming solar energy entrepreneur >


On the Money: Sprott Resource

As the world’s population grows, so too does its demand for resources. Here’s how investors could profit >


Seeing the Forest and the Trees

When the forestry industry faltered, Davis McGregor found opportunity in a new sector  >


Should you be concerned about an increasing amount of municipal debt in your city?

Precedent has been set in the US for municipal bankruptcy >