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2013 Best Communities for Business: Mapping our Territory

What is it that makes a community among the best for business in Alberta?

Nov 1, 2013


Is that not a terribly subjective matter? Does it not involve any number of individual decisions based upon any number of individual tastes and criteria? Perhaps, but we’re not going to let that stop us.

Here, in Alberta Venture’s annual list of the Best Communities for Business, we’ve taken a look at this province’s 25 largest communities, representing almost 75 per cent of the population, and examined them from the point of view of an entrepreneur looking to set up, expand or move a business.

Is he or she looking for cheap industrial land? Sturgeon County and Brooks are looking pretty good. Low business tax rates? Then Fort McMurray’s your place. A growing, highly educated population? Well, in that case there are a lot of places in Alberta that could float your boat.



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