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Edmonton featured in iPhone 5 commercial

There’s a reason that Apple’s latest holiday ad looks familiar

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Dec 17, 2013

by Jim Kerr

If there’s one benefit to living in a place that gets slammed with snow every year, it’s that you definitely get that “holiday look” come Christmas time.

This year is no different in Alberta when it comes to the snowy winter conditions (if anything, it’s worse/better than usual, if you know what I mean), and it’s landed Edmonton a starring role in Apple’s latest iPhone 5 commercial.

Titled “Misunderstood,” the ad centres around a kid’s family as they travel to his grandparents’ house to celebrate the holidays. The main character is shown constantly tapping away at his iPhone, leaving the viewer to think something along the lines of “darn kids and their smartphones…”

See? Kids aren’t all that bad!

One Response to Edmonton featured in iPhone 5 commercial

  1. Tim Francis says:

    Jim, great article! Cool catch. And that ad… wow. Very clever concept and also a really touching vibe. WOW.