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The Psychic’s Guide to 2014 in Alberta

Our crystal ball was in for repairs, so we asked two local psychics what they thought could be in the works for next year

Dec 2, 2013

by Jim Kerr

psychics_headerThe end of the calendar year is both a time for reflection and projection – what did we learn from last year that we can use in the months ahead?

Chrisine Hurley (left) and Irene Martina

Here at Alberta Venture we thought long and hard about the top stories of 2013 and we put some serious work into figuring out some possibilities for 2014, but when it came time to jot down a few more predictions we had to call in help.

We recently spoke with two local psychics, Irene Martina and Christine Hurley, to see what they had to say about the upcoming year:

Will Alberta see any large-scale disasters in 2014, like the floods that rocked southern Alberta this year?

Irene Martina: Unfortunately yes and it will be mostly in the oil industry. Weather patterns will be abnormal in the spring and late fall of 2014.

Christine Hurley: My first reaction was no but now I’ll say it looks like something is going to blow up, and I feel it’s in the east, perhaps at a refinery. This is scary for me to be saying because I really don’t like having pictures like this in my head.

Will there be any type of major political scandals in Alberta in 2014, as there have been in other provinces recently?

IM: Many negative issues seem to bring out more bitterness and perhaps even a physical altercation, which will bring a shock to many.  British Columbia and Ontario will be the source of some upheaval in their provinces that might affect Alberta on a bigger level than expected.

CH: Yes, but it is going to surprise every politician who has done wrong. Political waves are going to hit.

It’s been a tough stretch for hockey fans in the province over the past few years. Will either of Alberta’s NHL teams make the playoffs in 2014?

IM: It will be tight and close with one significant injury but yes both teams will pick up and both will be powerful contenders for the playoffs but it feels to me that they won’t quite make it. I hope I am wrong on this one but I feel 2015 will bring them back stronger and one a winner.

CH: Nah, don’t hold your breath.

Will the world see any major technological breakthroughs in 2014?

IM: Yes, there will be a few but the most significant will be the production of graphene, a revolutionary product [essentially a one-atom thick layer of graphite] that will change the world in so many ways, especially in technology including incredible advances in the medical field.

CH: Nothing will happen that is going to rock the world, but something is going to happen in a distance. I don’t see it being technology, but I think there may be a blackout in a far off country.

Will the US government approve the Keystone XL pipeline?

IM: My first instinct is a close ‘yes’ but more likely it will be a ‘no.’ There is something major that is not made known to the general public and it could blow this deal for us very quickly.

CH: If there is enough in it for them, yes they will cave. The fracking that is happening will help that become a reality.

What does the near future hold for the Alberta economy – will it be a steady year?

IM: There may be some over confidence in our economy plans for 2014 and as a result it will not be the “big boom” many are expecting.  Finances will be tight in the corporate pockets with some having to close their doors or align themselves with others.  Over all, Alberta will have a relatively steady year but not quite as good as it expects.

CH: Alberta will always hold its own since Ralf did such a good job of balancing the book. No one dares to make it go bad again.

Back in 2010, a Cambridge University professor (Nicholas Boyle) predicted that a ‘Doomsday’ moment will take place in 2014, saying that over the last 500 years there has been a “cataclysmic ‘Great Event’ of international significance at the start of each century.” Do you predict anything like that happening?

IM: Yes, but it seems to me that it comes in many small bursts from around the planet that has it growing into something major. I tried to put my finger on it and I got the strangest images. The image that came to me was Moses spending 40 days and nights on Mount Sinai and when he came back the people had lost their morals etc. The only way I can describe it as a type of “doomsday” is the foundation of the events that are happening based on the population as a whole.

What I mean is that it has become an “entitlement society” which has become extremely greedy, demanding, temperamental and even more violent. These people have created a motto that is: “What’s in it for me? When I was nine years old my teachers told me that I could see the end of the world in my lifetime. Perhaps they meant the end of the “nice caring human race” becoming lost in the next century. The behaviour of the world population as a whole is what I think will be the “Doomsday” event of significance for each and every one of us. I know the world will have its nice people but they can only stand and fight so long and the only way we can stop it is to make people understand that continuing a world of greed, hate and fear will bring about mankind’s destruction.

CH: Oh you’re going to love this – I’m 62 and I’m going to live past 100, so that is not going to happen in my lifetime. The doomsday moment has been predicted by the religions for years and is just fear mongering. The more we fear, the more negativity there is out in the universe.

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