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2014 Fast Growth 50 Conference Photos

Feb 15, 2014
The 2014 FG50 List Performers Meet the CEOs
Men At Work Ready, Aye, Ready The Road Less Travelled
Words From The Wise Fast Growth Video Mini Profiles

Alberta Venture would like to thank our sponsors, KPMG Enterprise, ATB Business, Executrade, Field Law and Strategic Group for their support in making this year’s event a great success. We celebrated Alberta’s fastest growing companies on February 20, 2014 at the Delta Edmonton South.

Congratulations to all the Fast Growth 50 recipients! To see what companies made the list click here.

Alberta Venture would also like to thank everyone who attended the conference and awards and its sponsors for their support in making this year’s event a great success.

Keynote Speaker: Scott Larson
CEO, UrtheCast

Mr. Larson’s career bridges technology and finance in both entrepreneurial and investment banking roles. He has directly advised over 75 companies on their corporate finance strategies assisting them through the capital raising process; from structuring, facilitating, and ultimately closing. He helped start one of the original online financial portals, launched in 1995, and then spent the next five years directly involved in online portal development and online asset management.

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