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The 2014 Fast Growth 50

Meet Alberta’s fastest growing businesses, and find out how a few of them made it happen

Jan 2, 2014
Bigger, Bolder, Better

Alberta’s fastest growing companies all share one important quality: ambition


The people leading the companies that made The Fast Growth 50 list this year come from all kinds of places. They come from around the world, with a variety of educational backgrounds (23 per cent have an MBA or master’s degree, 18 per cent have just high school) and range in age from 27 to 57. But one thing they have in common is that they have all, at some point in their business careers, had to make – and to live with the consequences of making – a big, bold decision. Maybe it was the decision to get into business at all. Maybe it was an early round of expensive financing or a later effort to conquer a new market. Whatever the case, the leaders of these companies have inevitably put it all (or a very large part of it) on the line in the expectation of great things.

And it’s precisely those big, visionary moves that so often help a company make strides in their growth, whether that involves going after U.S. military contracts, whether it means turning remote camps into “mancaves” or whether it’s consolidating in an industry where consolidation has never been attempted.

Of course a shout out should be given to the strength of the Albertan economy in general. A place with GDP growth on the order of 3.5 to 3.9 per cent per year and population growth of a similar magnitude is going to give any businessperson a leg up, let alone an ambitious, visionary one. But that foundation really is just a beginning. The companies on this list have proven they have the chops to take advantage of it

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The 2014 Fast Growth 50 List

Sortable list of Alberta Venture’s 2014 Fastest Growing Companies


The Performers

The companies that are bringing the averages up


Men at Work

Troy Ferguson’s desire to make work camps better places to live has landed his company at the top of this year’s list


Ready, Aye, Ready

Remember the movie War Games? C4i consultants get to Calgary company is living it out on a daily basis


The Road Less Travelled

AutoCanada’s Pat Priestner has turned a single Chrysler dealership into a burgeoning empire. Along the way, he’s learned some lessons that should keep the company in the fast lane


Words from the Wise

There’s nobody better to learn from than somebody who has already been there, so Alberta Venture sat down with the chief executives of six FG50 list-makers to talk about bold decisions and big failures.


Meet the CEOs

It’s difficult to overstate the importance of leadership in a fast-growing company. So who are the leaders of this year’s Fast Growth 50? We surveyed them to get to know the FG50 CEOs better.


Fast Growth 50 Videos

Animated coverage of our leaders

The Fast Growth 50 was made possible through the assistance of our presenting partner KPMG Enterprise as well as program sponsors ATB Business, Field Law, Executrade Consultants and Strategic Group.

Note on methodology: The Fast Growth 50 is based on completed questionnaires and financial statements submitted by Alberta-based companies and vetted by Venture Publishing and program partner KPMG. Companies are ranked based on a weighted point system using seven different criteria.

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