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Fast Growth 50 Conference keynote speaker Scott Larson wants to change how you see the world

Vancouver-based UrtheCast takes another step this week toward achieving its goal of broadcasting earth, from space

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Jan 28, 2014

by Jim Kerr

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It took three years of planning, millions of dollars in capital and a failed space walk, but Scott Larson’s dream of broadcasting the Earth from high above the clouds is, finally, almost a reality.

Two Russian astronauts installed a pair of UrtheCast (pronounced: “earthcast”) cameras onto the International Space Station on Monday, ushering in what Larson hopes will be a new era of “global citizenship and engagement.” The cosmonauts installed a still camera, which points directly down, and a high-resolution video camera that can be swiveled around and pointed at a particular spot.

It’s expected the UrtheCast system will be fully operational by this summer, beaming data from the ISS to the company’s web platform in almost real-time. Larson’s vision for UrtheCast is that people will purchase the photos and access the video feeds for anything from environmental or agricultural to humanitarian purposes.

Developers will also be allowed to use an open-source API to develop apps or games.

Wondering where a person would even come up with an idea like this one? You’re not alone. And if you attend the Fast Growth 50 Conference on February 20, 2014, you won’t be alone in hearing the answer either.

Scott Larson will deliver a keynote address at the event, discussing how he came up with the idea for UrtheCast and how he transformed the idea into an internationally recognized business.

Click below to watch the UrtheCast space walk:

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