February 2014

The Briefing

Energy Industry helps build the Royal Tyrrell Museum's collection

Last October workers uncovered a 10-metre dino fossil >


How walking could help the province's economic health

Ever wonder about the economics of pedestrians? >


Shaw Cable adapts to changing markets

Shaw Cable is 20th on the 2013 V250 list >


Trade deal between Canada and the EU gets positive reviews from agriculture sector

Alberta’s stake – or is it steak? – in the Canada-Europe Trade Agreement >


Why Suzanne West thinks it’s time for change

Plenty of people in the energy sector talk a good game on environmental and social responsibility >



Editors Note: Money Issues

With a side order of our third-ever Business Conditions Survey  >


Five principles for managing a PR disaster

When your reputation’s under attack, be brave, be honest and be open  >



Meet four Albertans who have put their wealth to interesting use

Read what Allan Markin, David Werklund, Pat Bowlen and Don Taylor each did with their money >


Peaks and Valleys: Three investors tell us their best and worst investments

Find out what Holger Petersen, Perry Kinkaide and Kathy Sendall think were their best and worst investments.  >


Rise of the Machines: Are money managers going the way of the travel agent?

Here's what some are doing to avoid that outcome >


The Confidence Gap: Why aren't there more women investors?

Women may be perfectly good investors, but they don’t seem to know it >


Fast Growth 50

Fast Growth 50 Conference Panellists Announced

Meet some of the speakers at our February 20th Conference in Edmonton >


Meet Scott Larson, Keynote Speaker at the Fast Growth 50 Conference

On February 20th, find out how this space entrepreneur built his one-of-a-kind company  >


business conditions survey

2014 Alberta Business Barometer

For the third time since 2005, Alberta Venture is asking local business people about the state of the economy, access to capital and markets, public policies and much more. Read on for the results of the 2014 Business Conditions Survey >


Access to Capital

Find me the money >


And What About You?

Stepping back from the big picture for a moment, we asked respondents to tell us how things were going at their own place of business >



Willing to risk for reward >


Environmental Stewardship

A world of opportunity >


International Trade

Go south, go west, go everywhere >


Labour Supply

In a word, it's short >


Tax and Public Finances

Albertans like well-managed budgets, but they’re not anti-tax >


The 2014 Alberta Business Barometer

Who thinks what about which issues? Find out in Alberta Venture’s survey of provincial businesspeople >


The Cost of Doing Business

It’s one of the toughest things about operating in Alberta >


The Wrap Up: Who took our survey?

Breaking down the 214 respondents to our survey >


Money Book

(Non)-Buyer’s Remorse: How should you invest in 2014?

You missed the rally. Now what? >


Experts say 2014 could be a volatile year on the markets

If there’s one thing that you can count on in 2014, it’s more volatility >


How to juice your returns, crush the market and grow your net worth without breaking a sweat

Ready to take a serious look at your portfolio? We're here to help >


Seven Up: Some of Canada's sharpest money managers give us their energy sector picks

Read on to learn what the best minds in the energy industry are thinking >


Stockwatch 2013 Chart

The best-performing Alberta-based stocks of 2013 >


The Best in the Business: Leo de Bever

AIMCo’s chief executive shares his thoughts on what’s ahead for investors in 2014 >


The Biggest Losers: Meet three men who had a worse year than you did on the markets

Think you had a bad year on the markets? These guys did worse, way worse >


Guide to Corporate Finance

The Price of Money: Is private equity right for your business?

Looking for capital? Private equity could help your business grow, but it may not be your business anymore  >


The Surge of Creative Capital

To keep Alberta’s economy growing, borrowers and lenders are creating financial layer cakes  >


Final Acts

Fashion Statement: Karyn Decore

The president of Decore Hotels says style is about grace and elegance >


It’s What’s Inside that Counts: Four books you shouldn't bring to the office

Not Suitable for Work >


Need to Know: Lianne Lefsrud

University of Alberta alumna Lianne Lefsrud tries to bridge the gap between the oil industry and environmentalists >


The Good Life: The return of the straight razor

On the Cutting Edge >


The Visual Autobiography: Why you should upgrade your office bookcases

Book It >


Why the biggest city in Texas is more than just a place to do business

America's fourth largest city has strong ties to Alberta >