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It’s What’s Inside that Counts: Four books you shouldn’t bring to the office

Not Suitable for Work

Feb 1, 2014

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In poker, it’s called a tell. And if you’re stocking any of these books on your shelves, you might be telling your co-workers something they don’t want to know. As such, they’re probably best kept at home.

The Secret
You know what? Let it stay that way.

Atlas Shrugged
Never mind its controversial message or the turgid prose Ayn Rand uses to convey it. Her protagonist, John Galt, delivers a speech near the end that runs in excess of 60 pages. That’s a form of torture, not literature.

Anything by Kevin Trudeau
Hey, we all like to indulge in a bit of self-help now and then. But when it’s written by a guy who trades in bogus theories and outright paranoia and who’s been repeatedly sued, fined and even convicted of a criminal offence? Pass. There’s plenty to choose from in that aisle, after all.

50 Shades of Grey
Do we really have to explain this one?

None of these rules apply if you’re the boss, of course. If you’re not, but want to stay on his or her good side, it’s probably prudent to keep any criticism about their literary choices to yourself.


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