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Editors Note: Money Issues

With a side order of our third-ever Business Conditions Survey

Feb 4, 2014

by Michael Ganley

Well, this is it, our annual money issue, our opportunity to probe the underpinnings of wealth, how we generate it, protect it, and ultimately distribute it. We bring you stories about personal finance, corporate finance, about some of the biggest winners and losers in the financial sweepstakes and about the gender differences in investing that dare not speak their names.

And this year, in an effort to bring greater value to you, our readers, we’ve added a couple of layers of analysis to our list of Alberta’s 100 largest publicly traded companies. We crunched the numbers every which way, breaking them down by price-to-earnings ratio, by the weighted average cost of capital, by year-to-date returns and more. To manipulate the data yourself, head over to

In this issue we also present the results of the 2014 Business Conditions Survey. Toward the end of last year, we asked Albertans to tell us what they thought about a host of important matters, everything from the state of the labour supply to the availability of capital to various public policy matters. Businesspeople from across the province and from every sector of the economy responded, and we’ve broken their answers down every which way, including by industry and company size.

The data reveals some interesting insights: Albertan businesses have taken to heart the admonition that they should seek foreign markets, and are doing a better job of executing on that imperative than they think; respondents were generally OK with their ability to access capital (even those in the tech sector, which is sometimes heard to complain that oil and gas inhales all available capital, and even a lot of the smaller companies); and while Albertans may like the responsible management of public finances, they’re not as tax averse as they’re sometimes made out to be.

A thorough review of the results can be found here. Plus, in March, the results of the survey will be available with additional content on iTunes. This will be the first of many products we produce for iTunes in the coming year, as we continue our ongoing quest to meet the needs and interests of our readers.

We thank all who participated in the survey and hope you find the results both intriguing and enlightening.

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