March 2014

The Briefing

Hubris Harvest: Why the Plow & Harvest failed

Loss Leader >


Meal Share wins Fast Pitch, Boyden Calgary expands, the AHLA announces Employee of Choice designations


Mythbuster: What does Alberta export?

The shipping news >


Oily Animals

The Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute says the population of some species actually increases near the oil sands >


Roger Jewett: Calgary's not-so-frequent Flyer

How one entrepreneur is giving new meaning to the idea of a seat sale >


The second-hand effects of curbing sales of flavoured tobacco

What Bill 33 means in Alberta >



Challenging the status quo in the Canadian workplace

A company's competitive advantage comes from those who don't put up with the status quo >


Robert Steven moves on from Art Gallery of Grande Prairie, Stantec named Top Employer, Long Run adds board members

Alberta Venture’s March 2014 Spotlight >



Now or Never: Why the government must step up to help the tech industry

It’s never been a better time to start a tech company. But a shortage of domestic cloud-computing services could spoil the party >


Off the Tracks: Exploring the tanker at the centre of the oil-by-rail debate

Crude by rail in North America has exploded over the last few years, both figuratively and, in a few cases, literally. With pipelines seemingly blocked at every available turn, where do we go from here?  >


When Silence is Golden: David Lede on the success of Ledcor

Alberta’s most low-key entrepreneur finally gets his due – whether he wants it or not  >


Meeting and Convention Planning Guide

AV Plus - The Alberta Venture Podcast (March 2014)

Introducing AV Plus - The Alberta Venture Podcast for March 2014. This episode features a look at oil-by-rail, how to plan a great meeting and we interview Purpose Investments CEO Som Seif >


By the Calendar: Planning your event

Planning a meeting, conference or event? The clock is ticking >


Is Technology #Necessary at your event?

Technology used to be a must-have for a meeting, but now it’s just another tool that has to justify itself >


The 7 Secrets of Trade Show Ninjas

You won’t wear black and you won’t throw any stars, but you will close deals >


The Corporate Retreat makes a comeback

No longer too lavish or expensive, the corporate retreat has arrived. Again >


Why Meeting is good for Business

Experts say a good meeting or event is about sharing a message >


Alberta's 50 Most Influential

Alberta Venture's 50 Most Influential People nomination form

Nominations close on April 18, 2014 >


Industry Report - Forestry

Branching Out: Architects and builders return to wood

Wood has long been the standard in residential construction, but recently it's being seen as viable material for all kinds of projects >


High Fibre: Industry searches for new ways to use trees

The forestry industry already uses the entire tree, but still feels there are better products waiting to be discovered >


Interactive Map: Seeing the Forest for Its Trees

Birch, poplar, pine and spruce are some of the versatile tree species that Alberta offers industry  >


Final Acts

(3D) Print Your Own Adventure

Finding the 3D printer that’s right for you >


Dear Andy: How to deal with recalcitrant mentees

Plus: What to do if you get a red wine stain on your work clothes >


Need to Know: Skye Boyes

He’s inspired one of the biggest hits the video game industry has seen in years, and created a successful title of his own. And he’s only just begun >


On the Money: Bellatrix Exploration

Why the best play in North America might actually be gassy – and how one company is poised to profit from it >


The Good Life: A Better Brew

Which pod-based coffee machine is the best? PLUS: How to pull the perfect shot of espresso (VIDEO) >


The Return of the Double-Breasted Suit

No, Really >


Veteran restaurateurs Connie DeSousa and John Jackson share their knowledge with Edmonton's Tres Carnales

The people (and palates) behind Calgary’s Charcut and Edmonton’s Tres Carnales get together to talk about food, finances and the pleasures of running a restaurant  >