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Learn about the 5 hottest jobs in Forestry

Want to work in Alberta’s forestry industry? The Alberta Forest Products Association lays out the top jobs

Mar 13, 2014

by Jim Kerr

Alberta is known for its vibrant energy sector, but there’s more to this province than oil and gas. Take the forestry industry, for example. Did you know that the provincial government owns an area of forest that is bigger than Germany, and that the industry uses every bit of biomaterial taken from the forest?

If you’re leaning towards a career in forestry, here are the top five employment options, from Brock Mulligan of the Alberta Forest Products Association.

1. Truck Driver: There is sure to be strong demand in this field, which allows for time outdoors, excellent growth potential, and a great rural lifestyle.

2. Skilled Trades: There are many opportunities for electricians, millwrights, and power engineers in the forest industry. Tradespeople can expect to work with the latest technology and have a job that allows them to work close to home.

3. Forester: Being a forester is a unique career. It allows skilled professionals to contribute to the sustainability of our environment and manage the forest for animal habitat, fire control, water quality, and a variety of other ecological outcomes.

4. Market Development Professional: Emerging markets like China and Korea are a big part of the industry’s growth plans. Those with the cultural and sales skills to develop relationships in these markets are highly sought after by the industry.

5. Heavy Equipment Operators: The industry employs many skilled equipment operators in harvesting operations. Operating a skidder, processor, or feller buncher requires exceptional motor skills and attention to detail.

Want to learn more about working in forestry? Check out the Alberta Forest Products Association’s “Career Connector” segment.


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