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Dear Andy: How to deal with recalcitrant mentees

Plus: What to do if you get a red wine stain on your work clothes

Mar 3, 2014

by Alberta Venture Staff

The Good Life 3D Printing Fashion Statement Dear Andy

We’ve retained the services of a talented – but confidential – expert on workplace politics. We call him Andy, and each month we ask him how to handle an office situation that you may face one day. Send in your questions to Andy.

Dear Andy:
There’s a younger co-worker at my office, and I kind of took him under my wing when he started here and made it my mission to help him fit in. The problem is that he’s failing miserably at it – and alienating everyone in the office in the process. I’ve tried to intervene on a handful of occasions, but it’s like he doesn’t listen – or doesn’t care. And now, people are starting to blame me for his behavior. What should – what can – I do?

Andy says:
Sometimes, people have to learn the hard way, and that’s particularly true if the person in question is still at an age where they think they know more than they really do. But you have a responsibility here, too – you can’t just abandon someone because they’ve failed to follow the path you laid out for them. Think of it as a chance to show off your leadership skills. So be patient, redouble your efforts and try, try again – and remember that you were probably just as insufferable at the same age.


It’s a nightmare that everyone (well, everyone who isn’t a teetotaler) has had to face at some point: a red wine stain on a light coloured shirt, blouse or dress.

The next time it happens, find a glass of white wine and daub it onto the affected area. It will neutralize the stain and minimize its appearance until you can get it into the washing machine. Better still, you can finish off the rest of the glass.


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