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By the Calendar: Planning your event

Planning a meeting, conference or event? The clock is ticking

Mar 3, 2014

No, you’re not a professional event planner. But yes, you know you have to plan this meeting, event or conference. Don’t panic. Instead, read on.

First, give yourself a year. As Brent Taylor, managing partner with Timewise Event Management in Edmonton, says, for a typical business meeting, conference or organization event in Alberta – which runs between 150 and 400 people – “A year is a good timeline.”

Your goal is to do a better job than others because, well, you have to. As Taylor warns, “It doesn’t matter what event you’re holding, it’s in competition with everything else – that potential registrant’s personal life but also other events.” All else being equal for events, “you’re going to attend the shiny thing,” he says.

So, you’ve got a year to make it shine. Get to work.

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