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Made to Measure: Getting the most out of your employees

How to turn an underachiever into a star, keep your best at their brightest and turn a solid employee into a rock

Apr 1, 2014

by Alberta Venture Staff

It would be nice if there was a one-size-fits-all approach to training and developing employees, but the reality is that no two employees have the same goals, level of motivation or learning style. From the underachiever to the all-star, follow three employees as they take their careers to the next level.

The All-Star

Driven and ambitious, Sarah is ready to take the next step and assume greater responsibility

1. Getting the Picture
To take the next step, Sarah needs to understand the big picture behind organizational strategies and the company’s place in the market

2. Mentorship
A senior leader within the company should provide mentorship and advice while providing the freedom for Sarah to develop her own strategies

3. Education
Executive education can prepare Sarah for the future, but don’t neglect soft skills like conflict resolution and time management

4. The Next-Generation Executive
With more leadership experience and training, Sarah is on track for an eventual executive-level position

The Underachiever

Gary is approaching retirement, and despite his long history with the company, seems exhausted and unhappy with his work

1. Reassignment
Gary is clearly burnt out, and finding him a new role within the company will help re-motivate him. Find an area where his strengths will allow him to excel

2. Mentoring
Assign Gary to mentor younger colleagues within the organization. Mentorship relationships allow co-workers to benefit from the mentor’s knowledge while increasing engagement for both

3. Transition
Explore the possibility of transitioning to a flexible or part-time role as Gary moves closer to retirement

4. The Mentor
Gary’s involvement in the company’s mentorship program has revitalized him and renewed his excitement

The Solid Performer

Good performance and engagement

1. Stretch Assignments
Get Michael out of his comfort zone and assign a challenging project to inspire and motivate him. Employees on stretch assignments shouldn’t be punished for mistakes

2. Job Rotation
Lateral transfers and job rotations will help Michael gain an understanding of the whole business while developing new skills

3. Review and React
Regular performance reviews and conversations about career ladders in the organization motivate employees and keep them on target

4. The Expert
Michael’s experience in various roles through the company have made him a knowledgeable, adaptable and highly productive employee


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