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Does a good looking CEO make shareholders more money?

Researchers say...maybe.

Apr 3, 2014


A few months ago, researchers from the University of Wisconsin published a working paper that suggested they do. They found that more attractive chief executives – as determined by facial symmetry – were paid better than their homelier counterparts.

They also negotiated more advantageous mergers and acquisitions on behalf of their companies, and drove the value of their company’s shares up, both when they started their job and whenever their (gorgeous) mugs appeared on television.

Critics quickly pointed out that this information is only useful to traders, and that shareholders and company management would be best served evaluating prospective CEOs the old-fashioned way – on the basis of merit.

Still, that got us wondering: who is Alberta’s most attractive – or, at least, most facially-symmetrical – CEO*?

8.5 Brad Pitt, barometer of handsomeness
8.2 Lorenzo Donadeo, Vermilion Energy
8.2 Gregg Saretsky, WestJet
8.2 Doug Suttles, Encana
8.1 Chris Seasons, Devon Canada
7.9 Michael Ganley, Alberta Venture
7.9 Brad Shaw, Shaw
7.8 Asim Ghosh, Husky Energy
7.7 Guy Kerr, Workers Compensation Board
7.7 Russ Girling, TransCanada
7.5 Lyle Lovett, barometer of symmetry
7.3 Jim Shaw, Shaw

*Methodology: Using the same program the study’s authors employed to measure facial attractiveness, we took two measurements on two different pictures and averaged the scores. You can measure your own mug at, but be careful: it’s a major, Angry Birds-esque time suck. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


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