May 2014

The Briefing

Business Cycle: Why do you support bike lanes in Calgary?

“The car isn’t the status symbol or priority it used to be," says Calgary Economic Development's Bruce Graham >


License to Distill: Alberta moonshine

Bear Hill Brewery wants to roll out test batches of moonshine in summer 2014 >


Quinoa: From trendy food to potentially profitable crop

Learn more about the gluten-free, protein-rich grain >


Talking Point: Temporary Canadian Worker

What effect will pro-Canadian legislation have on Alberta business? >


Why doesn't car-sharing work in Edmonton?

Calgary has Car2Go while Edmonton has ...  >



Canadian North wins Chamber award, GASFRAC Energy Services CEO to retire, Alberta Securities Commission lands new vice chair

The Spotlight: Celebrating Alberta business >


Motivating a 21st Century Workforce

‘The beatings will stop once morale has improved,’ just won’t cut it >


TransGlobe Energy adds to board, Bayshore Petroleum CFO resigns, Marketing Rx earns “All Star” status

The Spotlight: Celebrating Alberta business >


Vovia names new president, Niko Resources strengthens its board, Shane Homes given “Best of Houzz” award

The Spotlight: Celebrating Alberta business >



Code Stars: How a small group of young engineers is pushing Edmonton’s startup scene forward

“If you want to make sure [you have traction] and a good, sustainable business, build it out of Edmonton” >


Money for Nothing: The Province vs. Non-renewable resource revenue

Alberta governments have a long history of squandering non-renewable resource wealth. Why that needs to stop – now >


Contractor of the Year Awards

Les LaRocque: Alberta's 2014 Construction Person of the Year

It’s time to give LaRocque his due after more than three decades in the construction business >


The Best in the Business: the class of Alberta’s construction industry this year

Meet the 2014 Contractor of the Year Award winners and finalists >


Guide to Executive Education

Alberta Venture’s Guide to Business Education

The what, when, why and how of getting the most from your people  >


Can productivity be taught?

One Alberta university is about to find out >


Five MBA grads reflect on what the degree means to them

Read what Breanne Everett, Warren Dyer, Rohit Gupta, Doug Schindel and Lesley Conway have to say >


Professor Pedro Márquez on why business ethics matter, and how you can instill them in your people

"Every time we speak about ethics, we’re really talking about an individual’s character" >


Why executive education is no longer a one-size-fits-all proposition

More businesses are turning to made-to-measure executive education >


Word Perfect: Learning to write well

In our technology-driven world, the importance of crafting a good sentence has faded away, right? Nope – not even close >


Alberta's Best Workplaces

Alberta's Best Workplaces: Benefits, Perks And Incentives

Shahauna Siddiqui and BluEra win for offering unlimited vacation and more >


Alberta's Best Workplaces: Best Overall Workplace (Under 100 Employees)

Incite Marketing: for making it fun >


Alberta's Best Workplaces: Who loves their job, and why?

Read up on this year's winners and finalists >


Alberta’s Best Workplaces: Aboriginal Employees

Aramark Remote Workplace Services: for knowing the importance of community >


Alberta’s Best Workplaces: Best Overall Workplace (101-750 Employees)

Vermilion Energy: for keeping families together >


Alberta’s Best Workplaces: Best Overall Workplace (More than 750 Employees)

All Weather Windows: for building a forty nation workforce >


Alberta’s Best Workplaces: Environmentally Conscious

DIRTT Environmental Solutions: for subsidizing energy efficient cars >


Alberta’s Best Workplaces: Health and Safety

Workers’ Compensation Board: for providing onsite zumba >


Alberta’s Best Workplaces: Millennials

DevFacto Technologies, Edmonton >


Alberta’s Best Workplaces: Training And Development

Capital Power for offering many paths >


Alberta’s Best Workplaces: Volunteerism And Community Service

Alliance Pipeline runs a charity partners program >


VIDEO: Get ready for the Alberta's Best Workplaces Conference

Learn secrets from the best of the best on May 21st >


Industry Report - Energy Services

How companies are embracing new technologies and techniques to keep their workers safe

“A poor safety record will ultimately mean a poor financial record. It’s that simple" >


Pulse: No Drill Baby, No Drill

Industry Report Energy Services >


Southern Exposure: Mexico's shale plays

Horizontal drilling and multi-stage fracking opened up dead fields in Alberta. Now, Alberta companies are turning their attentions and equipment south – way south – of the border  >


Will the rising tide of LNG lift all boats in the energy services sector?

"The impact in Alberta will be somewhere in the range of $20 billion – at the low end" >


Final Acts

Boarding Pass: Destination Vancouver

Best of the West >


Level Up: Surviving the "open-concept office"

Comfort, Ties and Apps >


Lunch With: John Evans and Jay Westman talk about managing growth, reducing risk and giving back

“Our name is out there, and I’m anticipating a storm of work coming in” >


Need to Know: Ernest Hon

Hon’s family business brought him back to Calgary. Now, he’s trying to move both forward  >


On the Money: Act Two for the Swan Hills play?

The Swan Hills play once looked like a disappointment. Has that changed? >


On Trend: Gravitypope talks spring footwear

Spring has finally sprung, and that means summer is just around the corner – and with it, the pleasures of warm weather footwear >


The Good Life: Hiring an image consultant

“My job is to show the client what works best for them" >