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The EIA tests an innovative approach to customer service

Local company supplies the Edmonton International Airport with a pair of mobile robots

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Jul 18, 2014

by Jim Kerr


Photo: EIA's Facebook Page

Photo: EIA’s Facebook Page

The Edmonton International Airport is testing out a new way to interact with the thousands of people coming and going each day, and you’ve likely never seen anything like it.

Next time you’re at the airport and you have a question, a robot might answers it. Edmonton-based Synced Media is importing the customizable robots for sale or lease from South Korea.

The robots, Furo S and Furo D, have the animated avatars of young women for faces and can recognize and respond to a person’s facial expressions. The Edmonton Journal reports the robot’s facial-recognition software can even tell the gender of the people it encounters, collect other analytic information and even take a stab at guessing a person’s age.

The EIA plans to use the mobile robots to help people with wayfinding, allow customers to place food orders at boarding gates and other functions related to improving the airport experience.

You can check out Furo S and Furo D for yourself at the Edmonton Expo Centre’s Hall B while K-Days is on.

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