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Sip of the Summer: Aperol Spritz

Try this refreshing combination of sparking white wine and a Aperol

Jul 1, 2014

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For every summer, it seems, there’s a song to remember. For those of a certain inclination – that is, towards adulthood – there’s also usually a drink, and this year’s early favourite is the Aperol Spritz. It’s a refreshing combination of Italy’s favourite sparkling white wine, Prosecco, and Aperol, a bittersweet orange-coloured aperitif.

The Drink
“You have spritzes all the time in Italy in the afternoon,” says Daniel Costa, chef and owner of Edmonton’s Corso 32. “After work you might go have a little spritz and a plate of prosciutto. It’s a little pick-me-up.” That’s why he’s made it one of the signature mixed drinks – indeed, one of only three on the menu – at Bar Bricco, his new spuntini (Italian for “snacks”) bar. “For people that drink Bellinis, a spritz is a good alternative,” Costa says. “They’re a little bit sweeter, and then they have some of that bitterness as well. And it looks very appealing because it’s served in a wine glass, we have these beautiful big ice cubes and then it’s this orange colour.”

The Venue
There are plenty of places that make an Aperol Spritz, but few do it better than Edmonton’s Bar Bricco. That’s because, as Costa says, it’s the genuine article. “At Bricco, we don’t muck around too much with the tradition. And that’s the feedback we’ve been getting a lot – that Bricco is very much just like Italy.”

The Home Version

The Booze
Aperol and Prosecco, in roughly a one-to-four ratio

The Mix
One big ice cube

The Garnish
Fresh tangerine


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