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Car & Driver: Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S offers acceleration without noise

Sep 1, 2014

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Tesla Model S (P85) $105,000
Photograph Ryan Girard

“So, I’ll show you the acceleration,” says Peter Northcott. As if propelled forward by a Jedi, the Tesla Model S vaults from 60 km/hr to 140 km/hr in about 3.5 seconds. “No one turns their heads because there’s no “VAROOOM,’ ” Northcott says. “It’s Lamborghini speed but it doesn’t make any noise.” Northcott, a 56-year-old lawyer, was the first in Edmonton to buy the $105,000 electric car. He says he’s a “gadget guy,” not a car guy, and that this is the first new car he’s ever owned.

On what a Model S says about him: “It’s not just a car. People know that I just love gadgets. They watch me on the bleeding edge of technology. Of course there are the usual problems and bugs. Everyone’s going ‘Yeah, we’ll see how that works in the winter.’ But I don’t drive it in the winter.”

On how he drives an electric car in Alberta: “You have to be a little bit creative. I travel every day – Vegreville, Red Deer, Calgary. I go to court and I’ve got to charge this thing up. So I’ll find a campground nearby, plug it into an RV spot, get on my bicycle, ride back to the courthouse and put on my suit. I’ve got a folding bicycle in the front.”

On whether it’s a form of mobile “bling”: “For me, no, [but] it is; it turns heads because it’s rare. But that’s not why I bought it. I bought it because it’s really cool.”

On whether he regrets buying it: “All I regret is that I didn’t buy $5,000 worth of Tesla shares at the time (he put a $5,000 down payment on the car in 2012), for $30 per share. Now they’re $230.”

On whether people get that it’s an electric car: “It’s entertaining. People ask ‘What are you doing plugging it in?’ I can’t say that I’m Mr. Green Guy. My other car is a one-tonne diesel. I could say this is my carbon offset – and it’s a lot of fun to drive.”


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One Response to Car & Driver: Tesla Model S

  1. voyagevixen says:

    There is quite a robust EV charging infrastructure across Alberta including chargers in Calgary, Vegreville and Red Deer. Not sure why he charges at an RV park?