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Alberta’s 50 Most Influential People: The Movers, The Shakers & The Difference-Makers

Alberta’s 50 Most Influential People

Jul 1, 2015

They are entrepreneurs, innovators, artists, and leaders in business, politics, culture and more. Many of the names will be familiar to you. Some will not. They range from the minds that brought the orange wave to Alberta to the artists — masterly and emerging — who are reimagining the cultural landscapes of their communities. And of course the list includes some of the executives who are reshaping the energy industry. These are the people at the centre of the action in a province that is experiencing immense change. And in that change, they see not hardship, but opportunity.

It’s always a pleasure to put together the list of Alberta’s 50 Most Influential People, to have an opportunity to recognize those who are going above and beyond in their daily lives. It’s hardly an exact science — no doubt you could come up with a few names you think should be on the list – but we hope you agree that this 50 is a pretty special bunch.

9 Responses to Alberta’s 50 Most Influential People: The Movers, The Shakers & The Difference-Makers

  1. Katie says:

    What stands out to me is that 40 of the 50 “most influential people” are men — and 23 fit into the “older white male” category.

  2. scott says:

    Really? A gin distiller is one of the 50 most influential Albertans? More so than, say, the mayor of the provincial capital?

  3. Reality says:

    Katie, let’s make a separate category for you then. It’s sad that the “older white male” is the group that is truly discriminated against. Is their any other group that needs to have a minimum hiring policy? The “white” male is a dying coherent. Alberta’s 50 most influential people is what it is…#noage #norace #nogender

  4. maureen fiebich says:

    So blatantly clear that males rule in Alberta. But realistically, that isn’t really a surprise.

  5. Cathy says:

    Influential, perhaps, but a lot of these people could use a personality-enhancer. Wouldn’t mind seeing more females next year, or those making more social changes.

  6. R W says:

    Responses to lists are always interesting as we all have different opinions, biases, interests and we all take something different away from an article. For example, I don’t view this as a competition of man vs woman, black vs white, old vs young (in other words demographic). These individuals have been recognized (good for them) by someone else (good for him/her to notice others and of course s/he doesn’t know everyone so picked high profile individuals) as standing out for their accomplishments and achievements (we each have a different measure/beliefs/values). Most of you make a difference within your own family, your child’s school, your community, your city, your province and hopefully you get recognized too for your efforts although you didn’t make this list (low exposure). If you look I bet you can find something of yourself that you are proud of and the masses don’t really care if you are man or woman, black or white, old or young etc so thank-you for your contribution.

  7. ema says:

    You lost it when you included Jason Kenney! He made a total mess of the TFW program. Enuff said!

  8. John says:

    Why would you make this about gender…sheesh who cares in today’s day and age!

  9. James says:

    Seriously! Has anyone of these so called influencers been able to inspire others…I highly doubt that they are more than the fingers on one hand…come on ‘guys’ open the selection/voting to social media and soon you will know who actually are top 10…that’s all you really want to know…if you really care for an open discussion then open up to ‘top 50’ in the World…having just Alberta – too narrow minded I would say even for AlbertaVenture!