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On the Make: Whimsical Cake Studio

Darcy Scott of Whimsical Cake Studio mixes butter, sugar and whimsy into her custom confections

Sep 1, 2015


You could say that making a cake is just like making any other dessert in the recipe book. But for Darcy Scott, making cakes (and a host of other culinary treats) is truly an art form.

The owner of Whimsical Cake Studio has brought to life an edible art gallery in no small part due to her love of the craft. “I like making people happy,” says Scott, who opened Whimsical Cake in 2013 after a successful Kickstarter campaign. “I get to be creative and I get to create something with my hands, both things I like doing. So this is a cool job to have.”

And what’s not to like? Scott has made a number of interesting delicacies, but the coolest ones in her mind have been the gingerbread projects she and her team have created and donated to the Festival of Trees for the past nine years. “One year I did one based on the Ewok forest, and Ashton Kutcher tweeted about it. That was really cool,” she says. “One year I did a mashup of Dr. Who and Dr. Seuss, which still doesn’t make me cool but I think it’s cool! I am a proud nerd.”

The graduate of NAIT’s baking program says there are no shortcuts when it comes to baking a cake. “If there is a more difficult, annoying way to make something, that’s how we do it,” she says. “Why buy something in a bucket that’s been in there for six years when you can just make it fresh and make it better?”


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