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Three Must-Read Books on Business

Got time on a Sunday afternoon? Turn off the TV, pick up a good book (yes, an actual paper-and-print book), and learn a few things that will help your business take off

Jan 4, 2016

by Alberta Venture Staff

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Stepping up Reading List The Right Mix
005_story01Rich Dad Poor Dad
Robert Kiyosaki

“It was influential to me when I was deciding on my own path between becoming a lawyer and continuing with my landscape business. It’s an entry-level business book but reading it at that critical time helped change my life path for the better.”
– Trevor Ross, Grasschopper Landscaping

005_story02The Lean Startup
Eric Ries

“This is a fantastic book because it teaches fundamentals (especially for tech companies) on how to run your business lean, and to keep things simple for your customer.”
– Sherif Gemayel, Sharp Insurance

005_story03The Trusted Advisor
David Maister

“It’s a great read because he, in his Bostonian, irreverent way (and I am both irreverent and went to university in Boston), summarizes several basic principles about earning a client’s trust. What makes the book so good is that most of it is common sense but so few practice it.”
– Adam Pekarsky, Pekarsky & Co.

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