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Kheeran: The Road to Expansion (Sponsored)

Apr 11, 2016


Recently named to the Alberta Venture Fast Growth 50, Kheeran has proven to itself and the world that it can get the job done. But as with any business, current success does not automatically predict future growth. This is why Kheeran is continuing to tirelessly work to continually improve and expand its operations on a global scale.

The road to expansion is never easy. It requires hard work, dedication, an aptitude for business and sometimes even a little bit of good luck. The Edmonton based company, has experienced rapid growth over the last 6 years. They have quickly expanded operations to include 7 worldwide offices and show no signs of slowing down. Kheeran is currently implementing vertical, horizontal and external expansion plans, which are all on the horizon in the coming year.

Kheeran, a provider of a full range of inspection services for both industrial and commercial industries, can attribute its expansive success to many key factors; however, none more then to the strength and knowledge of its employees. Retaining these employees is vital to the success of the company. This is why Kheeran management has adopted the approach to put employees first. If the employees are taken care of, all other touchpoints and clients of the company will be as well.

Being different can also be contributed to Kheeran’s success. No question is asked to Kheeran management more then: Are your employee inspectors, truly fulltime employees? The answer to this question is, Yes. The core employees are hired on a fulltime basis, and even when there are no projects, they go to Kheeran offices, sit down with technical staff, and work on personal development. This helps to achieve one of the keys to any company, continual improvement, and is rooted in the very core of the Kheeran business philosophy.

In the past year, Kheeran put focus into four main services departments: Project QA/QC Inspection, Vendor Inspection, Non-Destruction Testing and Documentation Support. This year horizontal service development and expansion is being phased in for a couple of complimentary services. Geotechnical and Surveying departments have been set up internally to answer the growing number of requests and need for these services.

Focus on internal training programs and company systems are also key in the coming year. More employees are planned to be hired and trained internally, in an attempt to be more independent and act more vertically integrated. This has already been crucial to Kheeran’s success and expanding the program is the logical next step. In addition, Kheeran currently holds many industry certifications, including ISO 9001:2008, National Board Authorized Inspection Agency, CWB 178.1 and COR certifications. Continual improvement of these systems is an important part of this plan.

The Kheeran franchise program, which was developed over the last couple of years is now in full effect. External expansion is a large part of the plan for Kheeran to further develop its global outreach. Companies and technical personnel from around the world have been submitting applications to operate under the Kheeran umbrella and proven business plan. Very quickly Kheeran, a Canadian company will be operating with offices in every corner of the world.

There can be no hesitation when expanding, which requires positive thinking from the Kheeran management team. The outlook for world industrial industries is not without talk of downturn past 2016. Still Kheeran believes that this is the time for everyone within the company, and within industry, to work harder to provide better service. Kheeran will work harder, now, tomorrow, and every step along the road to expansion.


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