October 2016

The Briefing

A snapshot of small businesses' impact on the Alberta economy

Small and medium-sized businesses are leaders in job creation nationwide >


Albertans spend a terrifying amount of money on Halloween

The business of Halloween is booming. Why the sudden surge?  >


Ken Kobly of the Alberta Chamber of Commerce expounds on the big challenges facing small business

We’re headed in the right direction, but it’s still uncharted waters  >


The rise and fall – and rise – of gay-friendly businesses

As some LGBTQ-positive businesses disappear, others are more popular than ever. What’s behind the shift? >



Hollywood wrangler: an inside look at John Scott's famous film sets

He got his start in movies 47 years ago as a riding extra. Since then, he’s worked with scores of Hollywood legends on dozens of Oscar-nominated films, and become something of a legend himself  >


How are luxury markets faring in Alberta's downturn?

During times of economic uncertainty, luxury items are often the first to go  >


Alberta’s Best Workplaces

Alberta's Best Workplaces 2016

We bring you the stories of the nine companies that won Alberta’s Best Workplace Awards this year, from the small communications firm that took all its employees to Barbados last year to the giant school with a therapy dog >


Best Overall Workplace, 100 to 750 Employees

From employee ownership plans to funding for your dreams, Rogers Insurance knows they’re all in it together  >


Best Overall Workplace, 750 or more employees

NAIT not only gives its employees terrific opportunities for training and advancement, it has also developed one of the best mental health programs in the province >


Best Overall, Under 100 Employees PLUS Best Workplace for Benefits, Perks & Incentives

From winning major clients to celebrating on the beach, North Strategic gives meaning to the motto ‘work hard, play hard’  >


Best Workplace for Diversity

Diversity is a not just a moral imperative at Dentons – it’s a business strategy that fosters a richer, more creative office culture >


Best Workplace for Health and Safety

The transition from a 'get it done' workplace to one that puts safety first makes OEM Remanufacturing a model for employee well being  >


Best Workplace for the Environmentally Conscious

Compugen is serious about recycling. Its clients have peace of mind knowing their electronics are disposed of with the environment in mind  >


Best Workplace for Training and Development

Parkland is determined to make luminaries of all its employees >


Best Workplace for Volunteerism and Community Involvement

When employees are engaged at work, they give back to the world around them. SAIT challenges their employees to better themselves through work, and charitable endeavours >


Best Workplace for Young People

BioWare builds its brand on the idea that hard work and a good time aren’t mutually exclusive >


business person of the year

Brett Wilson, Business Person of the Year 2008

CEO, FirstEnergy Capital >


James Kinnear, Business Person of the Year 2007

CEO, Pengrowth Energy Trust >


Larry Pollock, Business Person of the Year 2009

CEO, Canadian Western Bank >


Ross Grieve, Business Person of the Year 2006

CEO, PCL Construction >


The 20th anniversary of the Business Person of the Year award

We look back at a legacy of leadership with a retrospective of the greats of Alberta business >


Focus on Retail

How are luxury markets faring in Alberta's downturn?

During times of economic uncertainty, luxury items are often the first to go  >