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Calgary’s Green Line vs. Edmonton’s Metro Line

Alberta's two major cities are expanding their LRT systems, making it easier for suburban dwellers to venture into the city cores

Dec 22, 2016

by Alberta Venture Staff


Both LRT projects are ambitious: the Green Line will tunnel under the Bow River and downtown Calgary, and the Valley LRT’s Park and Ride in the Wagner industrial area of Edmonton will boast 1,400 stalls. The projects are grand, pricey and necessary for the two growing cities. Now let’s hope construction doesn’t take the same delay-ridden route as Edmonton’s Metro Line…


Length: 27 km of track added to existing 24 km LRT system


Length: 46 km of track added to existing 59 km LRT system

Route: Mill Woods to Lewis Farms

Route: Future community of Keystone to Seton

Departure Frequency: Every five minutes during peak hours

Departure Frequency: Every five minutes during peak hours

Trips: 28,000 – 33,000 daily for phase one

Trips: 92,000-140,000 daily

Capital Cost:
$1.8 billion for phase one (Mill Woods to downtown),
$1.64 billion for extension to Lewis Farms

Capital Cost: $5 billion

Funding (phase one):
Federal $400 million
Provincial $600 million
City of Edmonton $800 million

Federal $1.53 billion
Provincial Discussions ongoing
City of Calgary $1.53 billion over 30 years

Start Date: Last April

Start Date: Unknown

Completion Date: December 2020 (phase one)

Completion Date: Portions by 2024

Contractors: Trans Ed partners, which includes Bechtel, EllisDon, Bombardier Rail and Fengate Capital Management

Contractors: Contracting strategy slated for 2017-18

Jobs Created: 20,000 direct, indirect and induced jobs in Alberta and 3,300 jobs in the rest of Canada during construction

Jobs Created:20,000 direct and indirect jobs during construction

Delays: None to date

Delays: Provincial government has yet to confirm funding. Rumour has it the decision will be made by the end of the year


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